How Do You Know When It’s Love? Love-A-Licious! [dating] [relationships] [marriage]

Bella Petite proudly presents contributing expert Candace Chambers-Belida on Dating and Relationships!

How do you know when its love?  Amazingly enough everyone on the face of the earth has been captivated by the four letter word love. From the four corners of the earth, love has been eagerly sought after and experienced, without hesitation or reservation. People from all walks of life have travelled the earth in search of true love. Many have found that no mountain was ever too high, no ocean to wide, that could stop the driving power of their love. Like a sunken golden treasure at the bottom of the sea, it is utterly amazing what one would do to embrace the charms and affections of love.

When a person has been smitten and bitten by love, it leaves an irreversible mark upon the heart. This love has the incredible ability to not only reach the heart but to penetrate to the deepest core of one’s being the soul, leaving a person thirsty and desirous for more, as if they had been stranded in the desert looking for the reviving waters of a hidden oasis.

Once love finds its resting place in the soul, it not only arrests the attention of the bearer, but life as they once knew it, is never the same. When you are touched by love, it leaves you spell bound as if some mystical transformation had taken place, in a maddening kind of way. Everything around you seems to be heightened and magnified. All of your senses seem to find this place of nirvana that makes your heart sang and dance. Your world is embraced and infused by the most surprisingly unique feeling of euphoria and glee.

We have to understand, that love is a power all to itself. It can’t be controlled or contained. The true facts are love finds you, you don’t find love. You can be walking aimlessly down the street, without a care in the world, when all of a sudden love finds you, as if you’re hit by a bolt of lightening to awaken dazed and bewildered.

The amazing thing is when you try to make love happen it seems to be elusive, and cloaked in secrecy, yet directed by its own sovereignty, love reigns masterfully on its own. When it comes to falling in love, the down side is that we risk not only vulnerability, but we also risk being rejected as well.

But in a perfect picture, love has the way of finding two people, that are completely opposites and bringing them together, and its feelings and emotions are never duplicated. Wonderment about love is that when it comes to having a love connection, age, nationality, religion, doesn’t matter. Love is blind, and is only truly moved by heart felt feelings and emotion. Love has the supernatural power to overcome any type of barrier.

The fascinating thing about love is that it is motivated and stimulated by not only its own power but, its own time. Hidden under a veil is the secret time when love decides to reveal itself. It is capable of hiding its feelings and emotions until it is comfortable of revealing its true intentions.

Because of the delicacy of love, it has to always be handled tenderly and gently, it is fragile as glass. It can shatter into a million tiny pieces if not handled with delicacy and appreciation.

The force behind love is unshakable. Unconditional love has the power to forgive all things, endure all things and believe all things. No doubt at all, Love is a powerful force to be reckoned with, something that we covet so greatly.

Written by: Candace Chambers-Belida Author of books; The Secret Codes of Conduct For Marriage and Dare To Stand. Radio Host and Producer of Love-a-Licious

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