5 Ways for [Petite Women] to Sculpt a Fit Physique Part II By: Dashama [diet] [yoga]

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1). Stretching. This may sound like a no brainer. We all know we should stretch, right? Well if you already practice yoga, then you know where this is leading. I believe it is key to do the right stretches, and to do them with proper body awareness to get optimal results. In order to create the lean, thin and fit physique you desire, you must stretch your torso and legs. This includes many side stretches to lengthen the torso, hamstring & quadricep stretches to lengthen the legs, and neck stretches to lengthen the neck.

2). Proper Posture. Yoga is fantastic postural practice. Most people tend to slouch while sitting or standing, which can lead to a shorter frame and weakened back muscles. This gives the illusion of a shortened frame and can make you appear thicker as well. It is essential to stand straight, pull in your lower belly with the crown of your head lifted. Picture the old photos where they’d have the young women walking with a book on the top of their head to practice standing straight up with grace. This must be the way you walk, sit and operate in everything you do and will help you to appear more confident, taller and leaner as well.

3). Tone Your Midsection. A toned midsection will allow your body to appear longer, leaner and more proportionate. Also important is to wear the right clothing that flatter your form. This is true for workout clothing, bikinis and fashion as well.
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Know your assets. When you know you have a shorter torso then you should be sure to wear clothing that lengthens the torso. Think – shirts longer then the hips… or short tops that bear the midrift. When the mid section is showing, it offers the illusion that there is more length, especially if the torso is toned. Follow along with my 6 Pack Yoga Abs workouts to get the optimal results and toned torso you desire. You can get that Beachbody you deserve!

4). Lose Excess Fat.  We all know this is important, but why?  Well, besides from the health benefits of dropping the excess fat, there are numerous reasons that you will be excited to hear.  When you lose fat, even just a few pounds, you automatically look younger, happier, healthier and more confident. Get freshly prepared meals and Save 25% at eDiets!

The fat lose from around your face can make the difference between a pretty face and a traffic stopping gorgeous face.  The reason for this is simple, excess fat carries toxins and excess water.  It can appear puffy and tired.  When you drop all of that off, you will reveal the radiant beauty that you are.
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5). Dance, Run or Swim. When you do cardiovascular exercise, you burn excess fat and calories and can begin to reveal the ‘true you’ under the excess layers of fat. Your energy levels will be higher and you will exude a natural healthy glow. There are many cardiovascular workouts, so how do you choose the best one? I recommend, first and foremost, chose the one you will stick to! I recommend to not ride bikes or cycling, hiking or running steep hills and other practices that can lead to very large and ‘bulky’ leg muscles.

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Dancing can be an exception, although it is also notorious for building the leg muscles. Leg muscles are wonderful, functional and can be gorgeous, but often as they become stronger, they also gain in size and can offer the appearance of shorter legs, which in turn shortens your entire physique and leads to an imbalanced appearance. Do what you love and do it often, but work on lengthening the muscles, instead of building in size.

In my DVDs, Yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings, I emphasize these points and provide specific techniques for students to practice and achieve optimal health and fitness results. The beauty is, as confidence improves, health and fitness improves and your over all happiness in life continues to get better. Be invincible! You are gorgeous, let your radiant light shine!

Blessings and love, namaste. Written by Dashama


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