Top 10 List of Celebrities and Politicians Outrageous Quotes

2021 dogged political media narratives of calling for ‘unity and peace’ amongst the citizens of the United States of America is nauseating at best. The fact is we are a divided nation when it comes to politics, religion, money, gender, ethnicity, social inequality, and discrimination. These subjects are socially divisive because we are programmed not to speak about them in public spaces, at family and friend gatherings, school, work, or any other places.

Perhaps we are at a crossroads in modernity where we may no longer sit in the shadows of such important subjects for us to create a better society. The first step is acknowledging and accepting that it is our differences and disagreements that make us great, and for us to embrace open discussions and not be in the shadows for fear of reprisals.

The power of perception is a powerful behavioral tool, which is why we invite you to pay attention to how ‘our perceptions are manipulated by media’s attack of our mind’s battlefield.’ If you accept what you are told without searching for the truth then you have been brainwashed because human beings are meant to have ‘sovereign minds.’

Surely, by now many of us wonder as to how the mainstream media narratives are developed.

First, you must open your mind to realizing that all media is bought and paid for by our Government and elite corporations. For the last 100 years, our Government uses the media as a propaganda machine whether it’s traditional or social media.

We want you to understand how twisted media narratives agendas are, so we encourage you to watch the PsyWars documentary. You’ll find out how media today is 100% fabricated and yes, that’s a scary truth. There is shocking revelations to prove how rotten political agendas manifest.

Next, let’s take a trip to “unity and peace” the media’s pivot in the regime’s fake message. What’s comical are the things celebs, politi-farts, and the media talking heads say when asking us to unite for civility to be restored. Let’s take a lighter turn and have some fun reading several outrageous quotes said over the last few years.

Top 10 Outrageous Quotes

1.”Let’s blow up the white house!” – Madonna.

2.” Let’s lock a 10-year-old in a cage with child molesters.” – Peter Fonda about Barren Trump.

3.”We need another John Wilks Booth!” – Johnny Depp

4.” I fantasize about standing over Donald Trump Jr.’s dead body!” – Tom Arnold

5. “Holds up a bloody, decapitated head” – Kathy Griffith

6.”I’d like to take Biden behind a barn to beat him.” – Joe Biden about Trump

7.”Shoots a likeness of Snoop Dog in a music video, has him in a body bag on his album cover* – Snoop Dog about Trump

8.”I dream of punching him in the face.” – Corey Booker, US Senator

9. “Harass Republicans (Independent, Libertarian, and Green parties) their members and staffers and voters in public harass and refuse to serve them.” -Maxine Waters, congresswoman

10. The Media’s Cancel Culture Lists The Cancel Culture purpose is to publicly harass, punish, cause job firings, not hirable jobless status and societal expulsion if you don’t agree with one party’s rulers. This is Hitlerian, or is it American ideological culture?

One must wonder why any U.S. citizen would ever voice their opinions, or vote again? Since this is happening why do we have elections or policymaking what’s the point?

Does the USA symbolize intolerance, or tolerance and acceptance? 

Bella Petite Magazine’s Quote of 2021

“Society’s tolerance, understanding, and acceptance that we must agree that we may disagree and offer dissenting thoughts without repercussions; coupled with our graceful acknowledgment is the only path to Unity, Peace, and Freedoms reign in the USA.”

For us to have a balanced approach to the farcical DNC DumRats and RNC RugRats political chaos watch these few videos. You’ll get our point about how we are deliberately divided by Government Media.

2020 Presidential Debate Between the Oldest Dumbest Men Ever! LMAO

I for one don’t see us as a nation divided. Rather I see that we are together experiencing the American Experiment that shall succeed through our willingness not to be boxed in by two ideological flawed party narratives.

Let’s also reflect and begin to open our minds and learn about the other ‘Party possibilities’ that we have been deceived into falsely believing we shouldn’t vote for ie: Libertarian “The Other Jo, a fab lady”, and the Green Party . Time for us to accept that political beliefs are driven by the billions of dollars funneled into the DNC and RNC by Elitist Corporations.

Think about the reasons the current political parties don’t want us to vote for either the Libertarian, or Green parties that have better; educated, morally and ethically qualified people? The reasons are because the ruling parties “lose power, control and money.” C’mon lets stop being played!

That fact is for us to make real change happen, we must stop voting for the same two flawed parties clowns and expecting different outcomes, because that’s the textbook definition of insanity. As I look back at both the Libertarian and Green party representative candidates there is a profound feeling of sadness and lost of opportunity because we as a nation don’t have either of these two amazing party candidacy’s stepping into the Whitehouse this month.

The very nature of a two-party geopolitical systems existence depends on the “severe division of its people,” and thus is why the ruling parties won’t allow and can’t afford for there to be a unified America. Perhaps it is time we see the flaw is our geopolitical system, and not us.

The clarity is ours to grasp for us to unite in commonsense. We must stop maligning people on the basis of who they voted for between two flawed parties and to refrain from grossly mischaracterizing why people did. This allows for us as human beings to accept that it’s our differences of opinion, votes cast, and knowing what is right and wrong behavior while using our ability to express thoughts and new ideas eloquently for us to continue the modernization of our morals, values, ethics, and laws to create a better world on a higher path and purpose for a unified and civil America.

Perhaps, we are better people than we are being misled to believe by the media and politicians.

Written by: Ann Lauren

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