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For the last 100 years, our Government uses the media as a propaganda machine whether it’s traditional or social media.

Ohh the dogged political media narratives calling for ‘unity and peace’ is nauseating at best. The fact is we are a divided nation when it comes to politics because we have a TWO PARTY SYSTEM. Our political system exists through our division.

The power of perception is a powerful behavioral tool time to stop being manipulated by the media’s attack on us. Surely, by now you realize that all media is bought and paid for by our Government and elite corporations.

Let’s take a trip to “unity and peace” the media’s pivot in the regime’s fake message. What’s comical are the things celebs, politi-farts, and the media talking heads say when asking us to unite for civility to be restored.

Time to take a lighter turn and have some fun reading several outrageous quotes said over the last few years.

Top 10 Outrageous Quotes

1.”Let’s blow up the white house!” – Madonna.

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2.” Let’s lock a 10-year-old in a cage with child molesters.” – Peter Fonda about Barren Trump.

3.”We need another John Wilks Booth!” – Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

4.” I fantasize about standing over Donald Trump Jr.’s dead body!” – Tom Arnold

5. “Holds up a bloody, decapitated head” – Kathy Griffith

Kathy Griffith

6.”I’d like to take Biden behind a barn to beat him.” – Joe Biden about Trump

7.”Shoots a likeness of Snoop Dog in a music video, has him in a body bag on his album cover* – Snoop Dog about Trump

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Snoop Dog

8.”I dream of punching him in the face.” – Corey Booker, US Senator

9. “Harass Republicans (Independent, Libertarian, and Green parties) their members and staffers and voters in public harass and refuse to serve them.” -Maxine Waters, congresswoman

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Maxine Waters

10. The Media’s Cancel Culture Lists The Cancel Culture purpose is to publicly harass, punish, cause job firings, not hirable jobless status and societal expulsion if you don’t agree with one party’s rulers. This is Hitlerian, or is it American ideological culture?

One must wonder why any U.S. citizen would ever voice their opinions, or vote again? Since this is happening why do we have elections or policymaking what’s the point?

Does the USA symbolize intolerance, or tolerance and acceptance? 


Bella Petite Magazine’s Quote of 2021

“Society’s tolerance, understanding, and acceptance that we must agree that we may disagree and offer dissenting thoughts without repercussions; coupled with our graceful acknowledgment is the only path to Unity, Peace, and Freedoms reign in the USA.”

For us to have a balanced approach to the farcical DNC DumRats and RNC RugRats political chaos it’s time to stop being played! Now it is time we break our stagnated two-party political system of nonsense and chaos. For change to happen you must make new choices. Stop buying the phony narratives you are being fed on a daily basis.

Today is a new day of choices to be made. Start learning about both the Libertarian and Green parties, and don’t buy the lies that if we vote for new parties we lose, because voting for new parties means both the Dumrats and Redrats lose and WE WIN!

Written by: Ann Lauren

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5 thoughts on “Outrageous Political Celebrity Quotes”

  1. Ann Lauren I am a fan of yours on FB and when I saw your post I knew it would be an intelligent read. You never disappoint in my eyes. Truly you are the complete package a gorgeous, talented, intelligent, witty, and wise lady beyond any woman that I’ve followed and watched grow into an iconic modern woman that is so sexy you take my breath away!

  2. Well said, Ann Lauren! It is refreshing to read a publisher willing to write your mind and not be a political party parrot, that is supportive of us. Your message gives me hope that we can come together with thought leaders like you that are willing to voice your astute poignant observations.

  3. Here, here! Ann Lauren the voice of reason and why Bella Petite is great! You are a fantastic role model. I love BellaPetite’s new look! I can’t wait to be able to shop your line it is exciting to watch Bella Petite become a reliable and genuine source for women and what we want. Thank you!

  4. I love BellaPetite’s new look! I am really very excited to see it! I am fan for you long time and you are my role model. BellaPetite inspires me to follow my dreams never give up you empower very much. Your words resonate with me I feel encourage by what you say about politics I am Asian American and my family always vote republican and we are harassed for it even they call us racists white supremacists and that make no sense how can even be possible? I think we see the path of our country is not right it all very wrong. The media very bad so censored. The gov seem to be very bad any more can not trust at all this election more proof this election is fraud do not think we can believe election is real and we can not be made to be fools again just so stupid and it is our fault to let bead elections keep happening. I agree with you time we must to vote the other parties. My family and me read about them because of your article and both seem to better than what we have. Thanks for bringing hopeful message we can believe in.

  5. U got it going right Ann Lauren that’s why I love BellaPetite its the best mag! I agree with you the celebs comments are stupid and breed hate and violence and the elite media owned by the gov it is total scam propaganda! Right on keep up the good work! You are a breath of common sense.

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