Petty Petites or small Adversarial Amazons?


Ann Lauren Bella Petite Men Prefer Petite Women-Internet research reveals an “EVOLUTIONARY FACT that proves indeed, “Men Prefer Petite Women!”

I could not believe the amount of “tall women bloggers, websites and their comments that bashed “petite” women.  I’ve heard that Amazon women rant continuously about petite women, but I have never really looked into it before…until now! One such diatribe stated that, “tall men should only date tall women, and short men should only date short women…,” (Oh, that’s BRILLIANT!) and that they are tired of petite women “stealing their men!”  In that blog, I read that some Amazonian women believe that “petite women wear sexy high-heels” to steal their men because apparently, we know tall women can’t, and evidently, we use that to our advantage. (ALL QUOTES TAKEN FROM OTHER WEBSITES BY TALL WOMEN.)

Ann Lauren Bella Petite ABC Bachelorette Trista and Ryan-Oh, holy night! Are you kidding me?  How exactly do we (us Petites) do this, by the way?  Oh, wait, I know – we must do this special voodoo magic that compels your “tall men,” to prefer us, Petites…who wear “high-heels,” nonetheless, right? How ridiculous is that statement? Well, if you’re going to make an accusation like that, at least do your homework first.

Proof “Men Prefer Petites” celebrity couples; Tristan & Ryan and Eva Longoria & Tony Parker. My favorite Hollywood power couple Will Smith 6’4″ and 5’1″ Jada Pinkett- Smith. Check out 5’0″ Christina Ricci she totally prefers tall guys, her boyfriend is 6’6″ Owen Benjamin and likes her without high heels! Owen starred in the movie  “The House Bunny.”

News Flash For AmazonsAnn Lauren Bella Petite Christina Ricci and Owen Benjamin-

“Petite women” do not “steal” your (supposedly) designated men (especially, “petite women in high-heels,” which sounds so funny to me, I think I’ll have to use this as a title for one of my articles, LOL!).

It’s simple evolutionary psychology that tells men (all men) that sexual dimorphism is innate and that it is a natural selection preference to pick a woman as their mate who is youthful in their appearance, possessing an hourglass figure (waist-to-hip ratio), and who appears to have all the fertility cues that attract a man in the first place (which clearly describes a petite…DUH!).

Women also possess an evolved preference for tall or taller men which is a significant trait in their selection process for a life-mate (more on this in theBella Petite Eva Longoria Tony Parker Ann Lauren Dolls- new article!).


What I’m saying Amazon ladies is this – although, yes, it’s true that “we” (Petites) can wear the sexiest, highest of high-heels and look damn good doing so (without getting a nosebleed).  Our “tall man” can throw us up against the wall or toss us around in bed, in a moment of passion (…umm, without breaking through the wall, or the bed for that matter).

Petite woman, love to climb up our man from bottom to top and allow him to enjoy every second of it (without him worrying he’s going to get crushed in the process).  During such a “trip,” we Petites get to know what it feels like making that “climb” (and that it is, eh-hem…well worth it!),

Also, don’t assume with petite women that just because we do sexy things, we don’t do them on purpose to “steal” your tall men. (Although, I can see why you all get your panties in a bundle thinking about the fun, sexy things we get to do as petite women).  After all, tiger prefers petite meat ;P


Please keep in mind that this is an opinion piece and for entertainment purposes only and it is not a scientific study.  The quotes and thoughts cited in this article were found on websites authored by tall women. (All research and websites quoted on file.)

Written By Tana Corporon

Ann Lauren Bella Petite Models-


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38 thoughts on “Petty Petites or small Adversarial Amazons?”

  1. As a tall girl I always want to slap other tall girls in the face when they said things like that.
    Seriously, and they have most stupid arguments to say that we shouldn't date people that are in an other height-range, or that we tall girls shouldn't wear heels.
    One day we were at the mall, and my sister said "Look at her, so unfair she has him! Why does short girls always take them from us?" (those words, direct literal translation) about that girl I know who was hanging out with her… cousin. Oh, irony! 🙂
    These kinds of thinkings are annoying no matter if you are yourself tall or petite. If you love your husband, your boyfriend or whatever he is, that doesn't matter. Size differences even had fun!
    You can't "steal" men, they are free human beings! Maybe they don't even want a relation in the first place!
    Please pardon my language, I'm neither american nor english.

  2. Oh, I like your passion for this article. I agree, why should petite lady's limit themselves to men of their own stature when they have a world of possibilities. So, the "amazon" lady's should totally back off. It is 2021, anything is possible.

    1. Thank you Zaiah! I'm really glad you enjoyed the article — be sure to tune in again to read the 2nd and 3rd part! And, you're exactly right! No way would I ever limit myself to a "one-size-fits-most" attitude; I'm tenacious and have always stole…er, um…I mean…WON the man that I wanted (when I was single, that is, lol!), no matter what his size was. 2010!! LOOK OUT AMAZONS, HERE WE COME!!

  3. lol lolzzz i laughed so hard when i read this, this is absolutley fantastic
    $for god knows how long i have hated (and i mean hated ) my height, (im just about five foot) and always looked on and perved on taller women, this article really has made my day, i mean really, if you think about it its actually true. I think that us women define beauty with height also, i always get taller women saying how "cute and dwarfy " i am ,and it gets right up my nose. However all the guys that i have met have loved my height think my height is sexy , and like seriously its always the tall attractive men, (short men dont seem to be intrested in me which im fine by) so personally i think men do prefer small women, and those who dont either like long legs or are short men …….

    iv never had a guy say sarcastic things about my height, but its the taller women who seem to think they are more important…………….for once i gotta say i see the plus sides of being petite, and although i drool constatly over taller womens structure i agree completley when they say men prefer us sexy small dynamites

    1. Very well said Raiha! I'm SO glad you commented to concur with what was written…and thank you for taking the time!

      1. You all sound ridiculous! The fact that you get pleasure by agreeing with an article that does nothing but put down taller women and try to make it seem like short women are prettier and sexier is absolutely crazy! How old are you? I stumbled across this site and it’s really sad you all act like this. I hope you are young because then maybe you all can be saved when you mature. I agree with Jane who wrote neither sides are gaining anything from this. Women struggle enough with body image and the way we are portrayed in the eyes of men. Is the only “confidence booster” the comments about men preferring petite women? You need the preference of a man to make you feel good about yourself? That’s what this whole thing is about. This is a reason I don’t have a lot of female friends. You all will talk about each other like crazy and do anything to get a man. Guys don’t go through this crap and don’t base their whole life around trying to get a woman’s attention.

  4. Wow…as a tall woman, I find this article to be very hurtful and mean-spirited. I personally never accuse women of any size of “stealing” their mate from anybody else. People are free to make their own choices. I have dated men both taller and shorter than me, and base my choices in who they are as human beings. Sure, I enjoy being with a taller guy as much as any woman, the biological response is there. I’ll concede that point. But as an evolved person it’s also something I can get past, it doesn’t come first when deciding who to date, and if I see a 5′ woman with a 6’4 guy and they look happy together, it will always make me smile because genuine love is hard to find no matter what you look like. I can’t understand the need to sling mud at entire groups of people because select individuals have made ignorant comments. How is fighting pettiness with pettiness helping anything?

    1. Hello Mandy, the information and thoughts contained in this article came from other internet web blogs written by tall women that we simply compiled the information and feedback from. The writer clearly made note and expressed her thoughts about that in response. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Oh gosh, I was completely unaware of the tall girl rage, or the petite rage.

    I’m married I’m 5’7 so I’m not sure I’d be considered petite…

    I married a tall man, with no problems, I don’t tend to wear heels on a regular basis, but heels are a completely wearable ….funny thing my feet are relatively Small, 37 (size 7) I know petite women with bigger feet than I… That won’t wear heel cause they can’t find their size…. So I guess it is an individual thing…

  6. All this bullshit…I am a beautiful 6″00 tall fashion model. I probably wear more high heels than anyone u know and all the guys I go out with they are usually below 5″7 and they always want me in heels. I think everyone should love they height and if you are not comfortable with your height u need to work on your confident abviously u lack of it.

    1. Kiki – Well first, I’m very sorry for the fact that the men that date you are only 5’7″ (probably because all the tall, hot guys are with “petite” women – there is scientific and evolutionary FACT), but that’s besides the point — if the guys you date want you even taller than 6-feet by wearing high heels, then they probably have some sort of weird fetish…again, besides the point; I think most of us “petite” women ARE very fine with our height, but not the double standards that go along with fashion and modeling. AND, never mistake it…we, (here,let me spell the word for you correctly) “OBVIOUSLY” have confidence — our dating pool is very LARGE, we have no issues with it or anything else — it’s just the standards of fashion and modeling. Even though “WE” make up over 70% of the women’s population, the “industry” doesn’t seem to get that “WE,” the majority, would rather see models of like stature wearing the clothes WE wear! It’s very simple.

  7. As a little fact, fashion industry doesn’t choose tall girls because of their beauty (as if short girls weren’t beautiful as well) but rather in order to display their clothes on them. A model is like a hanger, that is also why are they thinner that average people. The higher the dress starts and the “freest” the way it falls, the best you can actually see the dress itself, not the model or her beauty/lack of it.
    As another fact, EVERY SINGLE WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL and every single one of them will be considered as the most dazzling person on Earth by whoever loves her.
    I’m a tall teenager (5’9) and I get as much attention as my lovely short friend (4’9), because we are both equally gorgeous. I’m not masculine (wow i know right) and she isn’t cute, baby-faced or childish. Unbelievable. STOP STEREOTYPING girls!
    Dear bellapetite, I’m no one to judge you or your readers, but this is not right. We tall girls are as attractive, wanted, desired, feminine and beautiful as any of you short girls. Everyone who thinks otherwise should have her/his head checked. Finally, not everything is about men. I LOVE my super hyper high heels because of ME. I’m the one wearing them and I’m the one feeling awesome. Same applies to any petite girl rocking some cute and comfy flats. Lots of love to all of you <3
    Amazons and petites united!

    1. Hi Ronnie, nicely said! We totally agree with your point. And we acknowledge why petite models are typically used as runway models. The problems we directly focused with is that the fashion/beauty industry discriminates against height, ethnicity and age. We are are here to shed light and level the playing field, so that the petite woman will also feel confident and beautiful as well as acknowledged as part of the world of fashion beauty.
      Best wishes,
      Staff at BPM

  8. I’m an African-American woman, and I’m 5’1″, and I love my height. I love being petite in height and full figured. Most men that I’ve attracted were over 5’11. I was never into short guys. Never have, never will. I noticed that tall girls do hate on short girls like us because let’s tell the truth. When it comes to the fashion industry, tall women do dominated in that area, but when it comes to relationships with men, I hate to say this, but tall women are at the short end of the stick in the dating market. Most men that I know prefer women under 5’4″. When men are looking for wives, the majority of them prefer women under 5’4″. I’ve RARELY hear men say that they’re looking for a tall woman to be their wife. Most of them prefer petite to average height women. I mean,listen to the slogan, “tall, dark, and handsome”. When you think of the word, “tall”, you don’t think of a female. You think of a male. Tallness equates with masculinity. Men want a woman who’s the OPPOSITE of themselves.

  9. Wow, that's ridiculous. I have two beautiful tall female friends (5'9ish) and they have NEVER expressed resentment or made accusations like that thankfully. They have dated men who were as tall or taller than they are and never said a word about shorter women 'stealing' men from them. In contrast a fellow petite woman, only 1/4" taller than me, told me that she felt bad for tall girls – that they should get the tall men, not the petite women. Easy for her to say because she prefers shorter men. I don't have a preference, but when I've dated tall men and there was a mutual attraction and we had a lot in common, why would it be okay for me to back off and say, "I know we're very compatible but I'm petite so I shouldn't date you." That would be terribly wrong for both myself and the guy who liked me.

    1. Hi "verywealthy!" I was amazed, too, as to this secret (or clearly, not so secret) fued going on. I seriously was shocked at how many "bashed-ments" I read about petite women. But you know, heightism is everywhere, including in the "dating" department. I guess men preferring petites (which has evolotionary facts), is one way up "petite" women can even up the discrimination that occurs towards us, or the stigma that is placed on petites when we apply for a "big" job/career opportunity, which society says, "hire the tall girl/man" because they "appear" stronger and more intelligent…go figure! Anyway, thank you so much for reading my article and for commenting!

  10. Wow, what an interesting article. Being a somewhat ‘petite’ person at just barely 5’3 (Given that anything below 5’5 is considered ‘short’ in spite of 5’3.75 being the ACTUAL average height), I can say that I have experienced heightism a lot, like telling someone online that I’m 5’3 and being told, ‘Oh cute! just like a little kid!’, or discovering one day that the size small pants I usually buy are suddenly designed with super long legs (I dont buy ‘petite’ pants usually, because my legs are actually (surprise!) LONG on my not-so-midget-5’3 body! Gasp!) On tv, they constantly show the ‘ultimate beauty’ who is usually a super tall, super giant woman, while mocking and laughing the ‘short, midget, ‘childlike’ 5’3 person. I dont hate tall women, but it’d be nice to be treated with respect and as equals. It would be nice to see tv shows portraying petite people as being ‘ultimate beauty’ for once instead of the joke or the villain, or admit that hey, someone who is 5’0, CAN actually have long sexy legs and look like adults, and have good proportions too! (my 5’0 mom for instance has perfect proportions and long legs for her height!)

  11. Hi fellow petites, I'm 5'1.5… lol and my husband is 6'1.. He says height doesn't matter but I do notice him checking out taller females, well he used to before we broke up and then he came crawling.. and i do mean crawling…. back 3 months later. I feel like the tall one now. =) … Okay back to my point. I think men like taller women because of their long legs, I think men like petite women for their youthful and smaller stature ( think Jr High and size 2? ) I've been this tall since 6th grade and I haven't grown an inch since. Today I was at the grocery store and there was a taller girl there, I'm guessing like 5'8 or 5'9… hour glass figure.. I was so envious.. I'd give anything to be taller and I think they get all the guys. Unfortunately in my experience, I just don't believe that majority of men go for petite women. I'm guessing it's a numbers game like everything else. I think it has more to do with the shape of the body than height.

    1. It's a fact that majority of men go out with petite women! I never see tall girls out with guys. All of the hot celebrity guys are with petite actresses. None of my tall girl friends can find dates and they are like 5'8 and taller. Guys don't like masculinity and that is what a tall girl is.

      1. As a tall woman I’ve understood (6’3) why tall men tend to date shorter women, pure numbers and yes people are allowed to have preferences. There is nothing wrong with thaqt, but why all the hate towards tall women?

        YOu ever think they lash out with so much hate and jealously because the world treats them like shit for being who they are? It’s no excuse but spitting out this much vitriol in return does nothing to heal the wounds that women inflict upon themselves.

        We as women already have enough to deal with with out others holding us back.

      2. Wow…this is too much. What is with the hating through blogs? There are more important things to worry about. I may be contradicting myself here by replying, but the last line of your comment has hit a nerve Heather. I’m 5’10 and have always been the tallest girl in my classes and gawked at and called names, but that was junior high people. I have never ever been jealous of a woman shorter than I. We are always talking crap about one another when it comes to our physical attributes and I find it completely petty. Dismiss the phrasing and heed the word… grow out of it, please.

        1. Indeed it seems the battle rages on between petite women and tall women. Petite women have had to endure negative comments about our stature in business, fashion and beauty industries, ever since I can remember. I agree it is time to “grow out of it”. I get tired of reading how tall women seem to consistently mock us and put us down leaving us in a defensive position, I’d say neither of us are coming from an attractive angle at this point.

  12. I’m proud of my amazon height and long legs. I know it makes you other girls jealous, but I really don’t care anymore. I wear high heels quite frequently and it doesn’t bother me at all what short girls think of me.

    Not every tall guy wants a 5 foot little girl who he can’t even hug or dance with properly…some of them want a woman who can stare them in the eyes and share a passionate kiss without having to pick them up something for real cause short women are short on looks :/

    1. Here you go again with your negativity and disdain towards petite women. You are exactly why we researched to find out what tall ladies like yourself think about petite women. And then decided to share our thoughts too. Again with all the fashion and beauty magazines in the world you choose to read Bella Petite Magazine the only petite women’s fashion magazine in the world. Then you have the unmitigated audacity to leave negative and demeaning comments, which is exactly why we are producing this media outlet to stop the discrimination and negative commentary from folks like you. Thanks so much for your positive feedback. Good luck to you and your life endeavors we wish you all the best! We hope that you continue to enjoy our magazine and promotions for women 🙂

  13. You can’t deny that a short woman out and about with a much taller man looks repulsive. As if he was a child molester!

      1. Interesting research from an objective point of view.. Fascinating how much negative commentary the article has generated. We all come in different shapes and sizes and should ideally be embracing this fact instead of insulting one another in these comments. Bella Petite shed some light here giving us an opportunity to change our attitudes about one another for the more positive.

  14. It’s too bad that being tall or short creates these kind of factions among women. i am a very tall woman who, despite modelling a time or two, struggles to feel feminine. I am grateful for the men who have appreciated my height, and also can see the attraction to a smaller woman. Your article seemed to be saying that tall women were not attractive to men and that petite women have been the underdogs in some strange kind of war between us. I love my two best friends (5’1″ & 5’2″) and we all agree that this is a silly piece of writing which only worsens female unity and self esteem. In the end our hieghts, our weights, our colors, etc….are only as meaningful as we allow them to be. On a side note, fashion demands that we aspire to be something we are not -which means that if the majority of us were tall women, short ladies would be the rage. As long as we all aspire to be something different we’ll spend money trying to change.

    1. The information contained in this series of article posts came from extensive research and studies conducted. All of the material, site statistics and information are available on many websites. The writer may have also included her personal opinion.

      It is a fact that the fashion industry discriminates against petite women, none of the current fashion magazine will even use a petite model at 5’5″ & under in their editorials. Bella Petite is the only publication in the world catering to petite female consumer demands. If you have the time to read the entire article series you will see that we agree with you and petite women are tired of being made fun of, put down and discriminated by tall women and the beauty/fashion industry. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      1. You said “If you have the time to read the entire article series you will see that we agree with you and petite women are tired of being made fun of, put down and discriminated by tall women and the beauty/fashion industry.”

        If you are tired of being put down by tall women why would you turn around and do the same to tall women? Obviously you know how it feels to have your height talked about all the time. It reminds me of how overweight women complain of people talking about them but then they go and talk about skinny women. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Maybe you’re upset that you couldn’t get into the modeling industry and hopefully you will have another chance with an agency that takes women of all heights. I’m 6’0 tall and I’ve always been one of the tallest women in the room. As far as dating goes, it’s hard enough to find ANY decent man. I really don’t care if I see a tall guy with a short woman. I only get mad if she’s really unattractive! I just think it’s a shame that women have so much hate towards each other over something that we cannot change. God gave us our height so we should just live with it. If it makes you feel better about yourself by throwing “statistics” and research into the faces of tall women I really hope you change your ways. Anyone who is truly confident doesn’t have to brag or boast about anything.

        1. Once again, “the information contained in this series of article posts came from extensive research and studies conducted. All of the material, site statistics and information are available on many websites. The writer may have also included her personal opinion. It is a fact that the fashion industry discriminates against petite women, none of the current fashion magazine will even use a petite model at 5’5″ & under in their editorials. Bella Petite is the only publication in the world catering to petite female consumer demands.” On another note we are sure “YOU” will be best served at Elle, Vogue, Bazaar, Cosmo etc. all of these publications cater exclusively to tall women and tall women’s fashion needs. They ONLY show TALL women in their editorials, despite the fact that petite women hold the vast majority of the buying power and do not positively identify with the models. Petite women are truly the forgotten women in fashion. Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  15. My mother is 5’6 and my father is 6’5. My grandmother is 5’2 and my other grandmother is 5’7 both of my late grandfather’s were 5’9 and 5’10 which was considered pretty tall during the 40s through the 60s. My sister and myself are 5’9, 2 of the tallest girls in our family besides our cousin who is 5’10. I used to want to be shorter when I realized I was still growing, and being taller than the boys or same height as the boys in high school was really tough on me as an awkward teen. My friends were and are mostly shorter than me even when I wear “the higher the heel the closer to God heels” and I love it! By the way! I’m a professional dancer and modeled a bit which helped me boost my confidence. I never really hated on a tall man being with anyone shorter than myself. As a matter of fact my sister just got married and her hubby is 6′. All her boyfriends including mine have been 6’1. The shortest we both dated and I’m dating now is 6′. The tallest she dated was 6’5. The tallest I dated was 6’8. Even men in my opinion can be too tall.I loved the attention and treatment matters BIG time for me. I have asked men about short versus tall. They honestly thought height mattered at one point or another. But men aren’t as shallow as we women can be. They really want to get to know YOU. The men I dated just think women are the sexist thing on earth. I don’t have a lot of breast which will come after babies but, I got an ass and legs for days that can wrap around a man twice. So far they love that and of course my since of humor. Ex: I had a man who was the same height say ” I’ve never dated a woman as tall as you before you should where flats ( I do sometimes). My response, ” gee, I never dated a man as short ad you before you should try on some heels you might enjoy the scenery at my level. Smog must be a bitch!.” He actually apologized for sounding rude. Short and tall women laughed and approached me telling that was a good one. Back on the dating life for me. Let’s just say I ain’t no dog but, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Sometimes genes are unpredictable when it comes to the physical believe me that I know a lot about genetics. It happens when two tall people have tall, short, or both height wise offspring or 2 short people have the combo of height offspring. My aunt is 5’3 and her hubby is 6’3. Both cousins who are sisters, 1 is 5’5 her older sister is 5’10 both gorgeous. I’m just saying…and both are having the dating blues.So quit throwing shade. I’ve never cared about your height. I’m too busy rocking mine.

    1. Hi Aj, we wish you the best. It was disappointing for us to discover so many negative statements being made by taller women about shorter women. The writer for this article performed extensive research about this subject and that is how she came to discover the thoughts shared by many tall women online. Although we do not think all tall women have negative thoughts to say about shorter women. We sincerely believe that women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. It is a shame that the beauty and fashion industry has created insecurity in petite women. Thanks for being a supportive reader of Bella Petite Magazine.

  16. Does it really matter if your tall or petite I’m 5’2 22 yr old, and I have two church friends who are 5’11 in I don’t hate them. God made you in his own image in his eye your perfect to him. I used to wish I would grow taller, but i’m glad i’m a petite women.

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