YouTube Sensation The Haunted Sunshine Girl

Ann Lauren Livecast Haunted Sunshine Girl Interview
Ann Lauren Livecast Haunted Sunshine Girl Interview

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TV Networks and Studios spend millions of dollars annually in an attempt to bring in new audiences to their programming and hold on to the viewers they already have.

Given the goliath that is modern entertainment advertising, it would seem impossible for a 17-year-old girl to create a web series.  And build a substantial dedicated audience in only 8 months, but with the never-ending debate over the authenticity of her videos and constant, compelling storytelling that is exactly what the Haunted Sunshine Girl has done by attracting 3.5 million viewers!

Although her name is a mystery, she goes by “Sunshine”, and the authenticity of her videos remains a constant topic of debate among her fans and detractors, there’s one thing that is undeniably real about The Haunting of Sunshine Girl web series: her audience. With tens of thousands of views a day and over ten thousand subscribers clamoring for more videos, Sunshine has struck a chord with audiences across the world!

“The key is storytelling.” Sunshine Girl explained, “A lot of people have told me it’s my charisma that brings people in and I suppose that might have something to do with it, but I don’t think they’d have such dedication or feel such a connection to the series if the story didn’t suck them in.”

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl was started under a simple premise, a teen girl set out to prove her house was haunted and capture the paranormal activity on camera for the world to see on YouTube and in the process has captured something much more elusive, an ever-growing, devoted fan base. You can chat with Sunshine on facebook!


Check out rising internet sensation “The Haunted Sunshine Girl” YouTube Channel. In upcoming episodes, you will get a revealing inside look into Sunshine’s past and Nolan’s too!

Plus, there will be a special “Haunted Sunshine Girl” live event on Saturday, October 29th, noon PST. Tune in and you will be treated to fan appreciation day where you will see Sunshine’s Halloween costume and get your questions answered LIVE! At the end there will be a cool scary Halloween video!

Youtube Sensation Haunted Sunshine Girl
Ann Lauren Livecast interviews Haunted Sunshine Girl

Bella Petite will keep you posted on petite actress 5’1″ Sunshine’s rising success and upcoming episodes of The Haunted Sunshine Girl. Tune in to Sunshine’s podcast now playing only on Bella Petite for clues about what’s next.

The Ann Lauren Livecast podcast now playing! Host Ann Lauren has a great show interviewing youtube sensation Sunshine from the Haunted Sunshine Girl, Bella Petite style expert Kelly Gitter about new trends for Fall, and Bella Petite cover girl Angela Phillips about her breast cancer awareness event at the University of Kentucky.

Tune into Ann Lauren for a LIVE broadcast every Tuesday at 1pn EST on America’s Web Radio!

Check out our complete podcast listing now playing

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