George Hurrell Tribute ‘Allure’ Editorial

George Hurrell Tribute Editorial Classic Hollywood Photography fashion Coco Chanel. Read more

Bollywood Glamour

Bella Petite Magazine Celebrity Editor Ann Lauren presents "Bollywood Glamour" featuring Shekhar Rahate Couture in the season's hottest color on Bella Petite Model Jennifer Monge by Italian fashion and beauty photographer Peter Baratti. Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2016 Read more

Red Carpet Fashion Celebrities Emma Roberts and Selena Gomez

Editor’s Pick: Petite Celebrities Emma Roberts & Selena Gomez petite fashion style watch!

Bella Petite Magazine on petite celebrity style watch! Who’s got the look?! Celebrities Emma Roberts and Selena Gomez looked fashionably petite! Join us Read more

A Petite LIE! ANTM Run Amuck [petite models]

Tyra Banks talks about her new season – Here is what she had to say (and what really chaps my ARSE!!):

Tyra: “Top Model was one of the first times we saw plus-size models treated equally; now it’s a Read more

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