A Petite LIE! ANTM Run Amuck [petite models]

Tyra Banks talks about her new season – Here is what she had to say (and what really chaps my ARSE!!):

Tyra: “Top Model was one of the first times we saw plus-size models treated equally; now it’s a trend. Do you feel responsible?

TYRA BANKS: “I am actually really, really happy. When I pitched the idea of ‘top model’ to the network, I said, ‘I have to have plus-size models,’ and that was a different time; so they were like, “eh…whatever.” Now to see V magazine, and Glamour and Chanel, and Marc Jacobs embracing it, it’s great! The thing is we have to make sure it isn’t just a ‘trend.’ Women’s bodies come in so many different sizes; I’m hoping it is not a trend and we can continue different looks.”

Tyra’s unmitigated gall for taking the credit for plus size models working in fashion is true to her form!  Too bad the plus size model movement was set in play years before Tyra had the unoriginal thought to pitch the idea. Another ratings ploy, sound familiar?  Her so-called “shorty edition” wasn’t even the first show for petite models.  The last time I checked, Ann Lauren produced the first nationally televised show specifically showcasing petite models.  The ANTM producers were aware of this through their discussions with Lauren.

Moreover if the above quote were true, then why is it that this season’s contestants range in height from 5’8” up to 6’2” (which is actually considered too tall)? Are we to believe that no one under 5’8” applied, or were good enough to make it onto this cycle?

Or, is Tyra actually confirming (silently and contradictorily) that “petite models” just aren’t good enough or acceptable, especially for this edition of ANTM, which is a high-fashion landmark show? No way would Tyra send a petite model to Italian Vogue magazine, or IMG Models. God forbid she break the archetype!

Tyra claims she wants “different looks,” and advocates for “all-size” models if that’s the case, then why did a 5’7” Nicole Fox win the “shorty edition” of ANTM? “5’7” which is not a true petite. Why was “Fox” even on the show to begin with? It was a so-called “petite edition,” so one would think that women at 5’5” tall and under would be the only contestants.

There are so many amazing petite models out there, only asking for an equal footing. If Tyra is so hell-bent on taking the credit for the plus-size industry being finally noticed and treated “equally,” then why doesn’t she get to-bending on the “petite-size” of things?

Hmm…could it be an inferiority complex? One has to wonder…  Written by: Tana Corporon


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10 thoughts on “A Petite LIE! ANTM Run Amuck [petite models]”

  1. Another great one Tana, just tell Ann to do a show to counter Tyra’s biases. Of course, as you highlighted..there are thousands of petite models out there. Real women in the real world. Your voice is ours, and very inspiring to read. Thanks Lady!

  2. Well I was going to enter in this cycle of ANTM but it said you had to be 5’8″ or taller to enter. I am just getting started in the modeling industry and I have already felt the rejection of petite models. Heffner Management asked if they could meet me in person so I flew across the state to Seattle only to be rejected by the receptionist who said my height was an issue I didn’t even get to meet the person that had asked to meet me. It was so disappointing because I thought for once someone was giving me a chance and after I spent all that money hoping this would get my career started I was kicked out after being there for 3 minutes. I love your website and I hope that this will change the fashion industry for the better.

  3. I was born wanting to be a model, not knowing until my teenage years that my height was going to be an issue… I love modeling, and for peole who think I’m “too short” to try and take that away from me and all the other petites its quite aggrevating. I am so glad I found this site! = )

  4. I am soo sick or Tyra Banks stupid ANTM show. Its always the same old thing with the beanpoles! yuck! This show makes me hate fashion models!

  5. I love this article, it’s just not fair for petite models not to have a chance on what we love to do. I don’t get is why they don’t like to use real women it seems like they just want to crash people’s dreams.

    1. Hi Tatiana, we agree with you, but now you have BellaPetite.com and soon Bella Petite Magazine. Plenty of new opportunities for petite models on the horizon. Get involved and promote BellaPetite.com petite fashion movements and that is how to create industry acceptance for petite women. Join at http://www.BellaPetite.com/join and tell your petite girl friends to join and help spread the news petites are up and coming!

  6. Yes i agree with everyone! It’s not fair for us vertically challenged to be discriminated about our stature in the modeling world. I believe everyone deserves a chance to do what they love and dream without being told “Sorry, but you’re too short”. Discrimination!?! I think so. Agency’s dont know what Petites have to offer if we are constantly being told “no’. Thank you Bella Petite for saying “yes” and giving us this opportunity and hope!

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