Bella Petite Magazine Model Search Cover Girls 2015

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Bella Petite Models 2015


Participate in the Bella Petite fashion and model movement for you, the petite woman!  For our enthusiastic ‘fashion warriors’ here’s another “Petite Fashion Takeover” graphic.  Post it EVERYWHERE!

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  1. Right click on the assortment of 12 cover model images, or any of the individual cover model images above and select “Save” image.
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We are proud to present the top 12 Bella Petite cover models for 2015! Covers arranged in alphabetical order. You will be seeing promotions of editorials, interviews and news with our cover models throughout the year.

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Height: 5’1″ Location: Canada
Height: 5’1″ Location: United States
Height: 5’0″ Location: Italy


Height: 5’4″ Location: United States


Height: 5’3″ Location: Korea



Height: 5’2″ Location: United States



Height 5’1″ Location: United States



Height: 5’5″ Location: Netherlands


Height: 5’1″ Location: India


Height: 5’3″ Location: London


Height: 5’5″ Location: Malaysia


Height: 5’4″: Location: Australia



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