The Change Up: Starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman [petite modeling] [petite models]

I must admit I was excited when I booked a gig with Universal Pictures to shoot some promotional posters for one of their upcoming movies called “The Change Up” to be released  in August 2011.

The gig got even better when I received the call sheet informing me that I would be shooting with Ryan Reynolds, recently named sexiest man alive.

I arrived on set full of excitement that was soon deflated when I saw 9 other models and learned that the photographer and staff would decide on which models looked best on camera to portray Ryan’s “girl friends”. Of course, all of the other models were industry standard height and signed to major agencies and then there was my 5’4 self.

The stylist put us all in different dresses, lingerie, and jeans and then the decisions were made. I was chosen to shoot withRyan and even put my feet on his face (I’ll leave the shoot position to your petite imaginations).

Before I knew it I was standing in nothing but my undies cuddled up to Ryan Reynolds being snapped by Mark Seliger, who was head photographer for Rolling Stones for 10 years while the agency height models lined up along the wall as if they were at a casting to watch the shoot.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t happy that they weren’t chosen I was just really proud of myself for being confident enough to command the position. It was at that moment that I was so proud of what Bella Petite is doing and so thankful to be a part of this movement.

Don’t get me wrong, cuddling up for a shoot with Ryan Reynolds and legendary photographer were amazing but gaining affirmation that we, as petite models, can really do this, was unforgettable. I smell a fashion industry “Change Up” coming soon!

Written by: Angela Phillips


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