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The fashion world can be perceived as a cutthroat monopoly that favors, advocates, promotes, and sears into the brains of “the rest of us” the ideology that the skinny, tall, white girl is what is universally beautiful. In fact, this ideology is the “standard” to which weFashion-Week-Feb-2013-diversity-590x387 all compare ourselves and others against. Angel Sinclair, the founder of Models of Diversity, recognizes how glazed over our eyes are to the perception of true beauty.

According to Sinclair, beauty lies in diversity. Models of Diversity is a non-profit organization that advocates “for more diversity in models, and demands that the fashion and marketing industries recognize the beauty in catwalk4change_a3_bloggers_poster_Poster1women of all races, ages, shapes, heights and abilities,” she says.

While interviewing Sinclair, she talks about her own experiences in the fashion world, the road to being heard amidst the screaming fashion industry, and upcoming events they will be hosting to show the world this new definition of realistic beauty.angel-sinclair

Sinclair is a former model and appeared on a TV program called Miss Naked Beauty in 2008. During her time on this program, she was struck by the great variety of women participating in it.

“It just struck me during my time modeling that the industry was really obsessed with the ‘size zero’, and I wanted to make a change,” she says.

Although she never experienced this discrimination herself, it was apparent to her that change was desperately needed in the industry.

models-of-diversity-protestSparked by a desire to sway the fashion industry away from an obsession over size zero and toward an industry of diversity, Angel headed out to a fashion mecca to promote her cause: London Fashion Week.

Her efforts started when she put out a public casting call for supporters to join in her protest. Alarmed at the numerous supporters who answered the call, coupled with 100 donated T-shirts that displayed their cause for diversity, Sinclair and her volunteers headed to the streets and protested the size zero-favoring industry outside all the major fashion shows.Anorexic-Models

“We made tombstones, with names of all models who died of eating disorders mental illness and drugs and protested outside major fashion events,” says Sinclair. Additionally, she gave out leaflets packed with details as to how the models had died. “It was very dramatic when people were reading the leaflets.

There were so many people who died related to beauty or fashion related illness,” says Sinclair. She and her fellow protestors made such an impact that they got invited to meet with the British Curves in CoutureFashion Council and discuss their cause.

When asked about her most recent accomplishments in her avid campaign for more diverse models in the fashion industry, Sinclair tells about two major events that have happened recently; “The first accomplishment is the Curves in Couture show, a charity show for healthy, curvy models, which was one of the first plus shows that we put on. We had Tacora, we had Lizzie Miller and we had about three to four US models who modeled with the UK plus models,” she says.Models Of Diversity campaign promo

Secondly, was last year when she successfully managed to have a disabled model on a billboard during the Paralympics, which so flawlessly presented that beauty lies in diversity.

Models of Diversity produces Catwalk 4 Change featuring two fashion shows the first featuring 20 mature models, aged 35 and up.

The second show will be the U.K. Top Bloggers.  These fashionable Bloggers will be taking to the runway in their own fashion show, and all proceedings will go to cancer research and  MIND a mental health charity. “All of my shows will have the whole spectrum of models on the runway. We never have a show without models of color, all heights, models with disabilities, and mature models,” says Sinclair.

Models Of Diversity-All Women

Her desire to change the fashion industry through dramatic protests and fashion shows that feature diversity on all levels illustrates her ambitious vision and helps to raise global awareness. There’s no stopping her from bringing on positive influence and images all women can identify with in fashion.

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Size Matters-Models of Diversity

By Clarissa Burt with Karyssa Wilhelm


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