MMA Champ Terrorized by PETITE TV Reporter [petite women]

Headline of the day…

“Hulking MMA Fighter Terrorized by Petite TV Reporter”

Wait, what?!  I guess this deserves an explanation…

Basically, some six foot, 185 pound MMA fighter cage fighter named Jose Villasenor (with a professional record of  27-8) actually cried to mommy called the cops on his ex-girlfriend, who happens to be a true heavyweight contender at 5’0 and 110 pounds.

Ms. Ilana Gold is a former figure skater, current TV reporter for ABC KOAT 7 news , and (allegedly) part-time batterer of MMA fighters.  Confused yet?  Me too…

According to the Albuquerque Journal, this tiny woman “reached out of her car window and pulled the drawstring out of Villaseñor’s hooded sweatshirt and refused to give him his garage door opener back during an argument.”  Shockingly, Ms. Gold was actually charged with “battery against a household member and larceny.”

Apparently, pulling the drawstring out of someone’s hoodie constitutes battery in New Mexico.   Sounds ridiculous, but at least someone’s doing something about the “Petite-on-Prizefighter” crime wave sweeping the country.  It’s an epidemic!

In the end, the relationship came apart over cheating hearts and a petite woman scorned. Tough guys around the world are officially on notice:  Watch yourselves, ’cause we petite women can take you out with one quick pull of a drawstring. Written by Ann Lauren


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7 thoughts on “MMA Champ Terrorized by PETITE TV Reporter [petite women]”

    1. It doesnt matter if Joey was 5 foot or 7 feet tall. Assaults assault. Basicly your saying, as long as the persons a huge person and a professional athlete its ok to be assaulted? Come on. Its not Joey Villasenors fault that the petite pagent princess couldnt take being broken up with. Joey did the smartest thing and call the police. It sickens me that a person in your position to write articles like this would think its ok to assault. man vs women or women vs man, either way. Its wromg!!!

      1. Firstly, the report said alleged assault. Secondly, we don’t condone assault no matter your size. Our observation is based on the alleged facts anyone could be arrested.

  1. Sure this is for real…I thought something serious was done from that headline! Pulling on strings, not assault in my book.

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