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Giselle Gastell Latina Pop Singer -


A Latina’s journey: from the Lee Strasberg Studio, to a successful singing career…

The 5’ 1” curvaceous Bella Petite Latina pop singer Giselle Gastell, knew from a very early age that her passion in life was to sing. Giselle is a recent graduate from Columbia University, she also attended the well-known Lee Strasberg Theatre, as well as the Film Institute in New York City.

GiselleGastellPetiteCelebrity -Born in New Jersey, of Cuban heritage, Giselle holds a strong connection to her Latin roots, and a very supportive family. Giselle has appeared in several off-Broadway productions. In addition, she has made numerous television appearances, such as, Buenos DIA, New York (Telemundo), Cafecito (Mundo Fox), Radio WADO (Univisión) and De Extermo a Extermo.

Gisselle’s first hit, “Mienteme” (Lie to Me) is reminiscent of the late, great pop singer, Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Giselle’s smooth, yet penetrating sound will touch your heart and soul. Recently, she took some time out of her busy promotional tour in the Dominican Republic to chat with Bella Petite. I asked her about her components for success, “It’s about dedication, and tenacity which I consider two main components to a successful singing career,” she says.

Giselle’s new single, “Estupida Cancion” (Stupid Song) was written and produced in collaboration with Alfredo Matheus. Matheus is a well noted Latino songwriter, producer and composer in the field. Matheus has a long resume of collaboration with other noted Hispanic artist, such as Marc Anthony and Prince Royce.  Matheus is a 5 time Grammy winner, with numerous musical nominations under his belt.

I was curious about her song title, Giselle says “this is a song that sends a message to some guys who dedicate a song to their significant other. Eventually you find out that the song he dedicated to you, has been dedicated to thirty-two other women.” I asked Giselle if this was from personal experience, she says, “no, but I know many friends in this situation. I want to make it clear to these guys that women are not stupid. You break up, and you hear that dedicated song over and over on the radio, first thought is; there goes that stupid song again!”Giselle Gastell on location shoots -

Giselle completed the music video for “Estupida Cancion” in Miami, which is due out this month. This highly anticipated video was directed by Leo Vega, director for Telemundo, and will feature the handsome Argentine telenovela actor, el Guapo, Guido Massri. Sharing her thoughts on working with this Latino hotttie, “he has a beautiful smile, you must watch the video,” says Giselle. It will be exciting to see this Bella Petite Latina Giselle, together with Massri’s beautiful smile in her music video “Estupida Cancion.”

As for the foundation in her life, Giselle says, “holding a strong connection to your roots is key, no matter how hard your situation may be, it is a blessing to have a support system in place, such as your family.”

For Giselle, however, expressly believes about loving what you do, but most of all, do what you love, that is key to a solid foundation for a successful career.

What’s next for Giselle is a live radio interview later this month on the Ann Lauren Livecast. If you have questions for Giselle, please leave them below for us and we’ll find out what you want to know!

Bella Petite Latina Editor: Bobbi-O

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Giselle Gastell Latin Singer -

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4 thoughts on “Latina Pop Star Giselle Gastell”

  1. I really enjoyed the article. Do not listen to to much pop culture music of this sort. But am amazed as to what talent is out there. Thanks Bobbi O for making us aware.

  2. Giselle, it was a great interview, I’m your #1 fan, You r shinning like a r a star.God bless your career and everyone in your life. i LOVE your song,.ESTUPIDA CANCION..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK..CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE VIDEO.KEEP SHINNING…GISELLE GASTELL…♥♡♥

  3. i believe she is one of my customers daughter. if so I got the amazon pleasure to meet her and hear her practicing in the basement. she was very nice and her voice was amazing. i had my own private concert. i think at the time i made a comment that she should go on the voice. Little did i know she was already established.

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