Top 5 List of Embarrassing Questions You Don’t Want to Ask Your Doctor

2. Why is there a difference in size between my breasts and should I be concerned?


Believe it or not, but no women has the same exact two breast sizes. This is because they’re made of mammary gland tissue and fat and have naturally different amounts in each. Your size can change daily with estrogen levels, pregnancy and breastfeeding. In fact, women notice size differences most while they’re nursing because breast fat is absorbed into your milk and then consumed by the baby and the breast duct tissue are more visible.

For most women, it is too subtle to be noticed, but for some women, the difference is more pronounced and it’s usually a cosmetic issue and not a health concern. Surgery is always an option if it’s too embarrassing or affecting your personal life. For instance petite celebrity Tara Reid has been publicly dealing with this problem.

Of course, if one breast suddenly becomes larger than the other in a short time frame, it could something more serious like an infection or a tumor and may need to be evaluated by a medical doctor immediately.

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