Bella Petite Magazine’s ‘The Models Issue’

Bella Petite Models Magazine 2014 COVER

Press Release:  The premiere issue of Bella Petite Magazine’s “The Models Issue” made its debut! This brand new publication exclusively features petite models, and highlights winners of Bella Petite’s annual model search.  Bella Petite’s goal is to enrich the lives of petite women and affect a paradigm shift in the fashion industry for petite women and petite models.

Not long ago launched its site to focus on the fashion, entertainment and lifestyle interests of petite women, and to spotlight aspiring petite models.  Now with the publication of Bella Petite Magazine’s “The Models Issue,” Bella Petite has established itself as the vanguard brand for petite women.  This historical moment in fashion is poised to bring greater attention for petites in the fashion industry and is a huge leap towards acceptance of petite women as the new face of fashion!

Get your free online issue today to see what all the buzz is about!  Printed editions are available for order at

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61 thoughts on “Bella Petite Magazine’s ‘The Models Issue’”

  1. I am always reading this magazine. It really helps petite women like me, for fashion to clothing. Great site to read. Thank you for representing us. xoxo – Merrie K.

  2. From a man’s prospective the best reason to buy this magazine would be for that spread with hottie Ann Lauren! Any woman who looks like that ought to be in lingerie all day long! I’d never let you work!

  3. To Chance and Paul, Thank you both for your kind words! In 2015, I will be adding cinematography and audio production to my existing photography packages. In addition we will have pricing to meet most any budget. For those of you in the U.S. I am able to travel world wide to meet any of you for a shoot. Or, you are welcome to stay in our guest room here in The Netherlands for your session. My website is
    Paul, while Ann is a very attractive woman and was in a romantic setting for our shoot, I am a professional behind the camera and conduct myself as a gentleman. Mutual respect is key.

  4. I totally admire Bella Petite Magazine and everything you have accomplished for us petite ladies I am a supporter and I can’t wait to get my printed copy 🙂 You Miss Ann Lauren are a awesome role models thank you for all you do!!!!

  5. Love Bella Petite! This is the most inspiring magazine in the world thanks to the editor Miss Ann Lauren for being a true visionary with the ability to make change happen in fashion world! Many thanks I’m excited about future of fashion because of Bella Petite!!!! That cover is amazing and stunning my favorite spread 🙂

  6. I absolutely LOVE Bella Petite Magazine! Miss Ann Lauren is an amazing and admirable women, not to mention stunning. I am so happy petite women like myself have a magazine dedicated to them. The fashion industry desperately needs to change their requirements. Petite women all over are gorgeous, strong, and sexy! We have so much to offer!

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