Courteney Cox Petite Star of ABC Show Cougar Town!

Courteney CoxCougar Town Star Courteney Cox

By Ann Lauren

Former Friends star Courteney Cox has a new television show on ABC this season with Cougar Town. Born on June 15, 1964 in Birmingham, Alabama, and is the youngest of four siblings.  At age seventeen, she moved to New York city, became a Ford Model and eventually an actress. The petite Courteney has said, “thank God I started acting, because I’d never have made it as a short model.  I was short 5’5″, had baby fat, and didn’t have the attitude.  Acting is a high for me.  And when it’s over, I want to eat millions of candy bars.”

She claims to maintain her willowy figure with starvation and perspiration (not something we recommend). Courteney Cox 1 The real secret is when not working, Courteney doesn’t eat and takes classes in power yoga, so she’s continuously moving, working up a great sweat.  Plus, her nervous energy is likely a great energy burner and is key to her captive charm.

Courteney on Comedic Acting

Courteney has become a great comedic actress, which she attributes to working with Michael J. Fox. Recalling her days as a Family Ties co-star, “I learned a lot about comedic timing by working with Michael J. Fox.  The way he could make one line produce three laughs was amazing.  I was more of a straight person on the show.  On Friends, a lot of the funny lines are mine.  Monica was really caring and sweet, but sarcastic, cutting edge.  The writers decided to add more of my personality, like my competitive streak, to her character.  The compulsive side of the character is also reflective, although I don’t have to pick up my shoes in the den before I can go to sleep.”

Truth About Height

Anniston Crow Kudrow CoxThe truth about height continues.  Mystery surrounds Courteney Cox’s true height.  Courteney once said on the Tonight Show (with Jay Leno,) “I believe that my height, 5’6″…I’ve never been 5’6″.  I’m 5’5″, I just lied the whole time.”  Friends Star Jennifer Aniston, told Rolling Stone magazine in 1999 that “I’m 110, I’ve been 130, and I’m 5’5″.”  There was some silly rumour a while ago that Jennifer went on a special exercise program and gained 2 inches in height…I’d love to know where that rumor originated!  She’s also said in an interview she’s ‘5ft 4″ and 3/4″.   Lisa Kudrow once said, “I’m 5ft 8in and they are about 5ft 4in but the directors always put me in heels” As you can read stars are not so truthful about their height.  Someday Bella Petite pledges to have theSean+Diddy+Combs+Ashton+Kutcher+Malaria+No+o7I8mqP64m7l stars put to the measuring tape test!  As an educated guess Courteney Cox is likely 5’3″, and how great it is!  By the way, Sheryl Crow’s height is purportedly 5’1″ and she’s in the picture to the left with the cast of Friends.

ABC Cougar Town With Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox Cougar TownAdmittedly, I was a Friends fanatic, but am not so sure about Cougar Town.  Too many cliches and negative commentary about age for my taste.  Nowadays 40 is considered the new 20’s and guys are extremely attracted to beautiful women in all age groups.  The show gets tedious portraying a 40 year old female as unreasonably old and decrepit, which is pretty ludicrous.  Maybe we should turn to Ashton Kutcher for his opinion about his gorgeous and petite wife Demi Moore age 45 (fifteen years his senior).  Demi doesn’t seem to have any issues keeping up, and they look great together.  I say Ashton’s a lucky guy!

Ageism is out of Style! Women look great at any age!

Courteney Cox and David ArquetteIn her personal life, Courteney is a great example that women look fabulous at every age and David Arquette’s another lucky guy!  In case you didn’t know, David’s also Courteney’s junior by eight years!  These days, men are realizing they’re lucky to be with women of this caliber at any age, and I’d imagine it’s a challenge for them to keep up!

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