• Bella Petite Celebrities Christina Ricci & Michelle Williams on Petite Fashion Style

    Editor’s Pick: Petite Celebrities Christina Ricci and Michelle Williams Petite Fashion Style Daily Shopper! BELLA PETITE MAGAZINE: Daily Shopper Petite Fashion For Petite and Plus Size Petite Women  Bella Petite Magazine on petite celebrity style watch. Who’s got...

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  • Petite Celebrity Christina Ricci on “Height”

    CHRISTINA RICCI This feisty, petite actress made her film debut at the age of nine in the movie Mermaids, alongside singer Cher.  Let’s not forget her strange, goth-like performance as the dark and dreary daughter “Wednesday,” in The Adams Family....

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  • Petty Petites or small Adversarial Amazons? part one

    During my Internet research, for my new article that will be in the first edition of Bella Petite Magazine you must be member to read the WHOLE story – you won’t want to miss the small; “EVOLUTIONARY...

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