You’re So Money and You Don’t Know It! [business] [lifestyle]

This week on the Bella Petite Hour (with host Ann Lauren) will be co-host Maria Gamb author of best selling book “Healing The Corporate World”.  We will be bringing talking about business, your career and how to hone your skills to get what you want!

“You’re So Money & You Don’t Even Know It.” How to sell yourself, succeed and get the career you want!  Business professionals Bella Petite expert Maria Gamb with special guest interview Carolyn Herfurth will be joining us on this show to share their professional advice.

Carolyn Herfurth is the founder of The Biztruth. Herfurth is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer and business mentor to solo entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to grow their business and have fun while they do it.

Over the past 8 years, she has coached over 1,000 people to make thoughtful decisions about business ownership and helped launch nearly 100 businesses. She knows that those who sell, succeed and has made it her personal mission to help solo entrepreneurs learn how to sell in a way that feels fun, gets more clients and earns them more money & freedom in their business.

You’re So Money & You Don’t Even Know It

Even though you may not realize it, you’re subtly selling every single day in ways that most people wouldn’t consider “salesy”. Yet when it comes to direct sales, you freeze up.

Learn to recognize your natural sales abilities, get out of your head and begin to more consciously apply your intuitive skills to sell more effectively in your business.

-How to sell yourself to get a job.

-Head games that stop you from selling yourself.

-Determining your value.

-5 common mistakes when selling.


-A simple 5 step strategy.


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