How do you know if you are a good leader to your team? How do you know if you are even suited to be a leader? Here are some traits of a great female leader.

Trait number one:  Solid female leaders know their team as well as their co workers. They know how to support the team and help them if they fumble. A powerful female leader will be honest with her boss about what her direct reports can and can’t do. And realize it’s her job to get them there. She doesn’t blame the team for short comings.

Trait number two:  Female leaders are the most powerful when they are not control freaks. They allow the team to win and to fall and know when to do what. Leveraging the strengths of the team is as important as recognizing the strengths. Collaborative leaders get more mileage and eventually profitability with knowing when to let go.

Trait number three:  Great leaders are transparent at times. They tell direct reports what is going on within the business to an extent. People will invent the worst in their heads if you don’t tell them, and that will affect their performance…which will affect the leader. Leaders are responsible for their direct report’s actions. It’s not easy being the boss.

Trait number four:  Female leaders are positive. Never overbearing, they know when to smile, when to push and when to hug. They balance their female traits to get the maximum performance out of a team. They know when to give a speech and when to let the team struggle to figure it out. They know all their direct report’s quirks. Above all they believe in their team, especially on days when they don’t believe in themselves.

Trait number five:  Powerful female leaders are full of gratitude. They thank their direct reports and don’t take their efforts for granted. They know they are only as good as the whole of the team. Employees are not robots and frankly couldn’t care less about the boss’s upward advancement.

There are leaders and there are followers. Both are important to get any project done!  Written by: Elizabeth Lions


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