Work Place Age Discrimination By: Elizabeth Lions [Career Coach] [Job Hunting]

Bella Petite would like to welcome newly contributing writer Elizabeth Lions!

AGE DISCRIMINATION: There is the age old question about age discrimination. Am I not getting the job because I’m too old?

Age is a concept.

Age and how you look have nothing to do with being old. People that describe others as old are really saying that:

1. The person has low energy.

2. The person is unwilling to learn or try new thing

3. The person is stuck in the past.

It seems to me that your entire life you are either too old or too young. Think about that statement before you scoff. In your twenties, you are deemed as a ‘kid’ and ‘know nothing’.

By 30, you are taken more seriously and as an ‘adult’.  Student loans pile up, expecting you to use what you learned in college and apply that to your career. You wake up in the morning under the illusion, thinking that you actually have a career, instead of a job.

By 40, you know what you know. You are hired into management positions. For some, the ego is in high gear as you conquer the world, slaying dragons in the office and fighting the good fight. For working women, work life balance is a struggle with kids, spouses and work.

By 50 something happens. We doubt who we are.

My response to the age old question about age discrimination is simply this: what you think about, you bring about. Believing that you have been the victim of age discrimination may very well be a concept in your mind and not a reality in the market place, and I’ll tell you why.

At 40 you are not competing for the 25 year olds job. Jobs are based on budget and salary. Salary will always equate to skill.

By 40, you should be looking at leadership positions with manager titles. You are no longer an individual contributor, but are responsible for the entire project with timelines and people to execute.

Thinking you are too old – or even too young is a way of holding onto every false belief you’ve ever had about yourself.

Furthermore, keeping these beliefs will not serve you in finding – or keeping your job!

By:  Elizabeth Lions: Career Coach and Author of the book “Recession Proof Yourself”


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