Wine, Dine & Art It’s All in The Mind

Jimmy Choo, Fine Wine and Dining
Jimmy Choo, Fine Wine & Art.”Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2017

Wine, Dine & Art that is Fine…but remember, “ It’s all in the mind.”

This is a title I chose when abiding by Hemingway’s suggested writing techniques…. “Write drunk, edit sober.”

Here goes… I wine when I dine in a place that is fine. I art when I whine, and I feel better inside.

Like the rhyme, they all go hand-in-hand! I highlight the fine things I experience in life, which I believe is a fun way to spend my free time.

I have learned to pair my summers with good company, past times and winters complemented by the tastiest dishes and fine beverages.

Fine dining and wine must be perfectly paired not meant to be separated. Unless you are a stranger to wine and or you are not in need of the ultimate delectable delight. I want to indulge in epic life experiences before I commit as a minimalist. Simple living is a wonderful choice in lifestyle, but I want to experience the best things life has to offer before I throw in the designer shoes for sandals and a sundress.

When I first began to enjoy food as a teenager, I misunderstood how to eat and not overeat.  Once I became an adult, I understand the importance of quality of food and how to prevent myself from overeating, despite how great everything danced on my palate. Nowadays, I prefer to save space for a quality dish that may come around before the day ends.

The good things in life must be savored to allow the taste buds to perform. It takes a while for most foods to be appreciated, for instance, escargot is an acquired taste. Also, it is important to note that when you overeat, you miss out on the flavors, plus you are likely to eat far too fast before you realize you’ve been full for the past 20 minutes and then you gain unwanted calories.

Incidentally, I feel the same about wine because it contains liquid calories which many of us don’t take into consideration so slow down. My advice is not to consume wine like water to quench your thirst, you’ll get too drunk to taste it as it should be tasted and pack on the calories you don’t see. So sip it lightly and pair it with the right food to get the most out of your fine dining time.

Every moment in life is an investment of your time, energy, money, and future. Living mindfully can keep you from wasting time, and help you enjoy the present.

Today I poured myself a glass of wine. It has taken me two hours to get halfway through it, so far,  I’ve written half an article, smiled and reminisced over the perfect wines and dishes. The upside is that I have become inspired to write about my lifestyle, all in half a glass of wine! I get my time’s worth when I drink. I exercise caution as to not waste those precious calories and get too drunk so I am not able to enjoy the activity I’m doing. One may say, I prefer a light buzz over a drunken night, and this too comes with age like a fine bottle of wine.

When we are young, we tend to drink until we lose control, and this is fun for some reason. When we age, we realize losing control leads to mistakes and a waste of our time, we then learn to stay in the moment. 

I feel similar about the finer things in life. If you are on vacation, learn to disconnect from home so you may feel the raw essence of your trip. If you buy an expensive pair of shoes, make sure you do it sparingly so that you truly recognize the privilege of being able to buy a new pair never take it for granted. If you over consume, you will create a hollow barrel that is never quenched. This leads to dissatisfaction and boredom as you continuously seek joy in the wrong things for all the wrong reasons.

It is crucial that you slow down when participating in an extravagant dinner, wine tasting, or anything special, like art.

Wine, Dine and Art. Artists perform better when focused and centered as their energy and passion are a condensed clashing of hyper quantified quasi-chaos. This generates pieces that take their art to the next level. If you exercise this way, you will also see better results when you stop rushing your trip to the gym and focus on your reps. Living mindfully applies as you partake in your daily activities.

Active meditation teaches us to hone in on our ability to take it all in slowly. We enjoy the environment more when we learn to take in our surroundings with a clear, concentrated open mind.

As you read my column here on BellaPetite and get to know me better as a Bella Petite Cover Girl, be sure to follow me on IG, remember I ensure these “fancy” things are 1) well earned 2) a fantastic deal for my budget and 3) done sparingly as I do believe Vanessa Palomino Bella Petite cover girlin humility. Truth is, one can lose our sense of spirit if we neglect our body’s innate bond with nature and simplicity.

If we over stimulate, we can lose our focus and misunderstand what the definition of happiness verses success really means. Meaning success is the end result of hard work and persistence. When you are successful, have no fear in your chosen position. Most importantly “be happy with you” and the simple tools you started your journey with. Often the path of least resistance may be the way to go, or not whatever works for you I say go for it!

 Written by: Bella Petite Cover Girl Vanessa Palomino

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