WHAT I LOVE ABOUT BELLA PETITE is that it helps put things into perspective.  It encourages women to be real, to love themselves enough to see the truth about Hollywood and the fashion industry, which is so important to our pursuit of happiness. (keeps us from wanting to throw ourselves off a cliff in abject frustration!)

You know it’s funny.  I think I felt more pressure to be like “that”, to “look” like that Hollywood image before I was actually in the business because from the outside looking in everything is “perfect.”  Once I got inside, I was able to see how much of all that beauty was illusion. EVERYONE needed good make- up. EVERYONE needed the right clothing, not just any clothing. EVERYONE needed help with the lighting or they ended up looking like Gollum.

I guess I was able to keep things in perspective because I saw first hand how much work went in to making everyone look “naturally beautiful.” And I could also see how people’s natural beauty was easily distorted or lost with all the wrong things applied. But the most powerful tool in keeping my confidence in tact was knowing what I could control or affect, and what I couldn’t. I had no control over the fact that I was 5 foot 2. (what’s wrong with that anyway??) But I could directly and immediately affect my talent by honing my craft, and my happiness by being healthy and fit.

I’m here today, and next week, and the week after that to encourage everyone to take the steps you need to take to be happy.  To identify what you want, what your strengths and weaknesses are, to know what you to affect, and lead you to the courage it takes to cause that effect.

We’re going to do this using some of the excerpts from my teleseminar Elements of Life And we’re going to start right now with a quote from Bartholemew, Reflections of an Elder Brother:

“Alive within the energy field of every single one of you is a light so abundant, so overwhelmingly alive, that to touch upon it would fill your longing heart.”

That light is what we’re after gals.  Your happiness and contentment lie in that light.  Hold that thought.  Write that quote down. Put it where you can see it every day.  Contemplate it for the next seven days. I’ll see you next week.

To download the recorded seminar click here. Elements of Life “Individuality”


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