Warning Read This Before Using A Tanning Bed

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Bella Petite Editor Ann Lauren does the research on Tanning Beds and The Sun. What You Need To Know. TO TAN, OR NOT TO TAN.

Winter woes are setting in and with spring break on the horizon, many women are heading out to tanning salons.

Before you do, you need to know the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is contemplating how to impose tougher warnings regarding sun lamps and tanning beds.

In California tanning is a regular activity and smart women know if you want to stay looking younger and avoid skin cancer you would be wise not to indulge.

Realistically, tanning is not so fashionable, in fact, the beauty and fashion industry frown upon tans.  If they need you to appear tan they’ll spray it on!  This is the only safe way to tan.

More importantly, there is no such thing as a safe tan, whether on the beach or in the salon, you’ll likely get burned.

Sunburns are always very damaging to the skin.  

Imagine cooking your collagen (that’s the stuff below your epidermis, which helps you look young and vibrant).


sun and tanning beds damage skin and cause cancer

The difference between real sunshine and a tanning bed is the advanced ability of the bed to literally burn through to your collagen level, depleting the skin’s ability to repair itself.  Ouch!


Now there’s increased scientific consensus that there’s no such thing as a safe tan (okay tell us something most of us already don’t know)!

Recent findings by The World Health Organization’s cancer division (sounds official)  conclude that tanning beds are “definitive cancer-causers right alongside the ultraviolet radiation that both they and the sun emit. “

There’s no doubt for years tanning beds have been considered ‘probable’ carcinogens, but what tipped the scales was an analysis last summer.”

Women participating in a study using tanning beds had a 75% increased risk of getting melanoma skin cancer.  

The study included women in their teens, twenties, and thirties.

tanning beds skin cancer


Unfortunately, the warning labels on the tanning beds are too small. Many women claim they don’t take the “risk warning” seriously at all.

This is reminiscent of another study on a widely known cancer-causing product, cigarettes. We all know people are not exactly brilliant when it comes to reading the labels and taking the warnings to heart.

How many people have died from cigarettes and live with major health problems as a result? 

Hmmm… the FDA may eventually shut down tanning salons, and by the time that happens, I wonder how many women will have to get burned?

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Keep in mind ladies that the “Marlboro Man,” wasn’t too cool after all, he had emphysema and died from cancer.  

I believe it was the movie “Thank You For Not Smoking,” which highlighted the hypocrisy of cigarettes and tobacco companies for us in a satirical comedy starring Aaron Eckhart. Check it out, if you haven’t already!

I only wonder who wants to be the poster woman for skin cancer caused by tanning bed use, will it be you?

Protect your skin it’s the only skin you are gonna have, so opt for sunless tanners! My favorite is Designer Skin sunless tanners the best odorless tanning all year-round. 😉

Written by: Ann Lauren

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10 thoughts on “Warning Read This Before Using A Tanning Bed”

  1. Never ever will I tan again. Fantastic article you scarred me straight! Oh and I am a member to and I'm here to help fight for our cause and get as many petite women as I can to know about Bellapetite.com

    1. I pray women boycott tanning salons forever! I've been an advocate against tanning, since I discovered the facts years ago. I am a California girl and my skin has zero damage, because I don't sunbath or use a tanning bed ever. Take my advice ladies, don't do it! You'll be happy you saved your skin. Thanks for your comment and make sure you sign up as a member!

  2. Great article! I am 60 years old and most people think I am in my forties. Why? I stopped tanning when I was in my twenties! Ladies pay attention if you want to stay young looking take care of your skin now before it's too late. Love Bella Petite become a member I did. Ann, you make me proud to be Petite! I look forward to coming to this website everyday.

  3. Thank goodness you had the smart sense to put out this information! This is great advice, thanks Ann! I am a Bella petite member too. I can't wait to see the fashion magazine you're doing.

  4. You are the best Ann Lauren this article is great! I love your magazine! I am a big fan! Thanks for bringing something new to fashion and beauty. You are the gurl who’s got it going ON!

  5. Impressive article Miss Ann Lauren! Keep making Bella Petite happen it is the best on the internet nothing compares to you! I am a big fan of yours 🙂

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