Vanessa Deleon Celebrity Interior Designer ‘Agate Stone Designs’



ABC Primetime and HGTV celebrity interior designer Vanessa Deleon has “Agate On The Mind Design.”  Taking us back to the Babylonian Empire, the Geode Agate Crystal saved from destruction because of their singular matrix and use in jewelry. The Agate Stone once considered one of the most precious gemstones adorning many Babylonian bodies.

Not only were these stones used for jewels, but Native Americans also used Agates to make arrowheads. Nowadays Agate Arrowheads are considered a work of art, depending on the region of the Agate location discovery, and its vibrant colors.

Today we see Agate stones utilized in a myriad of applications from; lamps, pendants, chandeliers, framed as artwork and in furniture pieces. The substance of these stones are indeed inspirational; a reminder of the beauty our Earth provides. The stones are available in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes. Also, they can be custom designed to meet your needs.Vanessa-Deleon-Interior-design-agate

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