Does This Make Me Look Fat? 10 Unflattering Styles

Bella-Petite-Does-This-Make-Me-Look-FatDOES THIS MAKE ME LOOK FAT? 

“Top 10 Styles That Make Petite Women Look  Fat,” they are amongst some of the worst style offenses a petite woman can commit if you want to look elongated, thin or in shape that will likely make you look fat, or out of shape and ultimately shorter. Some of these styles may work for you and for others they won’t due to your proportions, so take into consideration your body type when selecting any of these styles.

5 Unflattering Styles For Petite Women

1. Skinny Jeans:  Lets face it ladies, we can agree that skinny jeans should only be worn by skinny, fit and maybe curvy women (depending on the top you choose).  Yes, we know they come in “all sizes,” but that doesn’t mean they are flattering to “all” petite figures.

For instance the curvy pear-shaped framed petite celebrity Kim Kardashian (5’1″) is wearing all white paired with a peplum top and jeans. The problem starts with the color choice, white makes you look heavier, the peplum top curves out at her widest point and the jeans are too tight, all together making her look shorter and heavier.

2. Skin Tight Dresses:  First rule of style is to understand your body type and what best suits your shape.

Here is a perfect example of Christina Aguilera (5’1″) wearing a skin tight bandage dress.  The dress is all wrong, to start it appears to be a size to small causing her stomach to look rounder, spurring thoughts of pregnancy.  To boot it is too tight in the breast area and it grabs and gathers at her waist and thigh area making her look thicker.  If you own a dress that feels tight, wrinkles appear or bumps and lumps are visible throw it out of your closet.  If you are “skinny” wear spanx for sure!

3. Capri or Cropped three quarter Pants: Most all petite women will look shorter, wider and heavier by wearing these styles. Basically, they cut cut your leg length off and this will only emphasize your height and generally this will make you look bottom heavy.  Often the tight fitting cropped or capri make your legs appear shorter and body longer, which looks odd.

It seems to me that every Summer the capris (peddle pusher or clam digger) pant has been drudged up since, it’s introduction in 1948 by European designer Sonja de Lennart and still doesn’t look good, so it should be avoided at all cost! I know that some may disagree, but hey, this is our humble and educated  opinion. Obviously, fashion advice is subjective.

dress-makes-me-look-fat4. Full Skirts:  A guaranteed fashion faux pas is a full skirt whether long or short on a petite woman mainly due to a widening effect that tends to happen.  Definitely the poodle skirts from back in the day (50’s) and gathered skirts that create fullness around the hips.  You should avoid wearing a full skirt that is wider than it is long.

5.  Patterned Pant; Jean, Pajama and Trousers:  Many tall women like celebrity Christina Hendricks (5’7″) have issues with wearing plaid pants too see in the photo how they gather around the zipper, so you can imagine right off that this only gets worse.

Paul Sorvino, Mira Sorvino, Christina Hendricks, Kourtney Kardashian & Khloe Kardashian Visit FOX & Friends

Whether it is a pant, jean or pajama style in a patterned fabric that is striped, floral, plaid or print other than a solid color they will give the illusion of looking fat, frumpy, or out of shape, simply because you need dark solids or subtle patterns (small or light check in a neutral tone) for a slimmer look.

The exception to patterns being tiny pinstriped pants that hang straight from your hip causing no distortion of the vertical lines.

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24 thoughts on “Does This Make Me Look Fat? 10 Unflattering Styles”

  1. I totally agree with many of these styles looking poorly on many of us petites I am 5’3″ and find that you are right on target with picking clothes that have the right scale for it to look good on me. It is so funny to see petite girls who wear these super tight and short dresses it always makes there figures look out of shape when they are not and I learned this too the hard way! LOL 🙂 Good advice thanks for it!

  2. Good grief, what a load of body shaming drivel masquerading as positive fashion advice.

    I’m petite and fat. What’s more I’m short waisted to boot. God forbid I should look like myself in my clothes. The horror! I wear skinny jeans, full skirts, patterned trousers (and leggings), statement necklaces, gladiator sandals and ankle straps, and bulky sweaters when the weather demands.

    Ladies, wear whatever the eff makes you feel fabulous.

    1. Hey Buttercup, I guess you think that when we are asked a question by our readers we should just lie to them, or give them no advice at all, LOL! As we always say wear what makes you feel your best (and most confident, fashion advice is subjective). Have a good one!

    2. I was wondering what I should do with my closet full of full skirts and skinny pants, now that I know how industry insiders feel about them on my particular frame. I’ve decided to exercise my prerogative to wear clothes that make me happiest! However, I can appreciate that there are general fashion tips based on my height and body type, which are helpful for us petite gals to select styles that look best on my figure type.

    3. Well, I do agree with the writer as well as you. Came to this site to see if I could find any useful tips on dressing as I am a petite girl but after reading the article in which four out of the five things that I usually wear are told to be ‘avoided’, I thought I should not care what I look like in what I like wearing. The writer of this article is absolutely right about what “looks best on me,” but I don’t care about looking good in clothes.

  3. LMAO right on with the skinny jeans! I never feel that I look very good in them must be super slim i think. that is why I prefer the straight leg boot cut!

  4. This advice is fantastic. Im fairly petite and always on the look out for good fashion advice to look my optimum best. I have always worn skinny jeans because i love them ! Lol ! However they have never looked right on me and now i know why, thanks to this article. I’m sorry Buttercup, although it’s your choice what you wear, you could have made the same point in a more dignified manner.

  5. Gosh this is really helpful fashion advice and so funny to me because I always ask this very question to my husband and he hates it!!! This article goes a long way in answering! Thanks Ann! 🙂

  6. lol all these things I already knew. I actually have no problem wearing skinny pants though. It really depends on how you wear them… you need the proper shoes and the proper top. and tight dresses? omg I’m obsessed with sexy tight dresses and never seem to have a problem with them.. but again, you need to know how to wear them properly. I’m 5’0″, somewhat curvy, but more lean since I work out obsessively…. but everything else I totally agree with.. and what’s with Kim Kardashian breaking all the fashion rules? That girls sucks at everything doesn’t she?!!

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for your commentary! You my dear seem to be one of the lucky ones, but really it’s not luck it is your passion to be fit and that should be applauded! The more fit you are the better you feel and the more options you have when it comes to fashion! And as we noted, some of these styles may work for you and for others they won’t mainly due to your proportions. Have a good one!

  7. I wear skinny jeans. Those are the only types of jeans I wil wear because I know they look good on me. Not all skinny jeans are created equal. What may fit you at one store, but if you go to a store for that same size my it differently. You know what else I think make fat peeps look fater is floral.

  8. I soo agree with skinny pants looking awful I can’t wear them well because I am 5’2″ and curvy they do make me look wider than I like and def don’t want to look shorter either. I think because they are trend we try to fit in when that is not best always. I real appreciate this so I will stop asking if I look fat to my girlfriend she will be so happy haha! nobody likes to give you the real truth anyway 😉

  9. In my opinion peplum Tops and Skinny Jeans look Awesome At Curvy and plus size women, so I will still wear them! You are the experts and I understand that you are offering fashion advice that best suits different types of figures.

  10. Hey I’m not sure if I’m curvy or chubby I weigh 130 and ive gotten taller over last year now I’m like 5,1 and I’m size 34b Bra size.and I have huge curves and thick legs.Huge ass idk if I’m chubby or curvy and I wear jeans size 7-8 and shirts size Medium

  11. As a very tiny petite ( a thin 4’10”) I only look “right” in form fitting clothes. Anything else looks like I am lost in someone’s else’s outfit. I agree about the cropped pants.

  12. Hi..i am 4’10…too short..little fat…heavy hips and thighs…want to carry a formal shirt trouser look for college…please suggest what kind of trouser to be worn??

  13. Im looking for an opportunity to start my modeling career because something that I always wanted to do. My body type is curvy and petite 5″2 in jeans I wear a size 13/14 or 14 and proportionate with my curves. But overall I hope I get this opportunity it will definitely mean a lot!

  14. Great advice Miss Ann Lauren made me laugh so much! Right on target my hubby hates it when I ask him what I am wearing makes me look fat, LOL!

  15. Right on Ann Lauren! Best article ever so clever and true! My guy hates this questions ;P. I love Bella Petite! Keep on doing all you do for petites we need this!

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