Tyra Banks ‘America’s Next Top Model’ “2009 Year for Short Models”

antm_tyra banks_sundai_nicole_laura_erinANTM cycle13 “shorty show” on PETITE MODELS…

Contestants for cycle 13 of The CW’s America’s Next Top Model will be required to be at or below five feet, seven inches (5′ 7″) in height for the first time in the show’s history.  According to a network press release, previous seasons have set 5′ 7″ as the minimum height, but host Tyra Banks is quoted in the release exclaiming that the fall 2009 cycle will be “a year for the shorter model!” Funny, so what was 2003, purportedly 5’6″ Eva Pigford’s season title! Albeit Pigford is likely 5’5″.

However, ANTM application clearly states that “Producers reserve the right to make case-by-case exceptions…[and] are looking for a variety of models, including plus size models. Translation we might see a couple girls under 5’5” if we’re lucky.  Petite models need not apply, status quo!


Fact: women that are over 5’5″ tall are not considered “petite or short” by fashion industry standards.

The producers of ANTM Daniel Soiseth, Ken Mok and Tyra Banks would have you believe they’ve discovered the petite model and fashion industry market.  I’d imagine they turned down so many petites from their previous shows they felt obligated to do a petite top model.  This season will feature the typical self indulging rants of Tyra and the usual entertaining model antics.

Interesting Tyra Banks  didn’t discover petite and plus models. Yet  is seemingly taking full credit for recognizing the petite market, when clearly she holds contempt and disdain for the “shorties” as she’s ripped the girls on past shows.  I always hate the way Tyra talks down at the girls, as if she’s all knowing.

The producers need a vehicle to sustain the petite fashion market, a la Bella Petite Magazine. The ANTM folks should pay attention to focusing efforts on the petite market’s sustainability.  In order to increase the shows ratings.

The good news is Bella Petite already understand’s the global petite market’s enormity. Take heart petite ladies the “Petite Fashion Revolution” is underway! By Ann Lauren

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4 thoughts on “Tyra Banks ‘America’s Next Top Model’ “2009 Year for Short Models””

  1. You are so right about Tyra she’s a crack pot! No one takes her dumb show seriously, its so bad and the so called models are ugly. Tyra doesn’t want the competition to make her look bad. Too bad her show gonna make petites look bad! I say we petites boycott Cycle 13! U go gurl.

    1. You don’t have to be what normal people would call pretty to be a model, that’s where a lot of women who want to be a model goes wrong, they think that since they get a lot of compliments on being pretty they can be a model, modeling takes more than just a pretty face.

  2. I hate Trya Banks and her stupid show the only decent looking winners was Eva Pigford and she was 5'6" and Trya always ripped her during the show and told her she was to short to be a model. I agree with the last post and all petite girls should boycott cycle 13 all Tyr'as gonna do is make us look bad and put us down.

  3. This season was so lame. Yes it was nice to see some short contestants but the winner was 5ft7, the tallest of them all and the runner-up was 5ft6. Not exactly what I would define as petite, even though those heights fit the model’s definition of ‘short’.

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