Tyra Banks America’s Next Top Model “CANCELLED!”

Tyra Banks’ new cycle of America’s Next Top Model successfully demonstrates why the status quo remains the industry standard.  As a petite woman you owe it to yourself to tune out this series, so we are declaring that you are “CANCELLED” ANTM!  Tyra has recoiled and gone back to the tiresome old formula, looking for the typical 5’8″ plus amazons, with their long limbs, anorexic bodies, shapeless features, and even one token full-figured amazon girl.  To make this all even more unbearable, this year’s cast seems to include the nastiest attitudes to date and enough drama to make your head spin.

The stark contrast between America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13 “shorty” edition and this latest Cycle 14 “amazon” edition is seriously disturbing.  After speaking with Sundai Love, we both concur.  ANTM’s blatant discrimination against petite models was without a doubt proven during the new cycle’s premiere episode.  Among other things, Sundai explained that the producers cancelled plans to take the petite models abroad like they usually do each season.  Instead the last cycle’s destination was Hawaii, so there’s no doubt New Zealand is a step up for the show.

Let us not forget Cover Girl Cosmetics did not fulfill their campaign promises to Sundai Love for winning the Walmart challenge on ANTM.  I wonder if Cover girl will renege on their promises this cycle?

At this point we will refrain from outlining all of the discrepancies that will likely continue.  Although, we can’t resist pointing out that the biggest “in our face” moment on the show was when they moved the “shorty” models into a circus style playhouse complete with toys, miniature furniture, and even candy too!

It’s no coincidence that afterwards the “shorty” models were escorted to their first photo shoot recreating childhood pictures featuring the petite models dressed like babies and clowns.  As we’ve been told by Sundai the girls were “mortified and embarrassed, literally holding back the tears.”  There is no doubt the girls were demeaned by this treatment.  Isn’t it nice how the amazon models this season have been put up in a posh New York penthouse?

You can be assured it’s all business as usual on America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks and her host of unsightly amazon models.  The good news for us is that we won’t be tuning in to watch and listen to Tyra gush all over the greatness of this gawky group of giraffes, who cares!

It’s time to tune out ANTM and the rest of the industry that doesn’t respect the petite woman. We are ready for a new day at BellaPetite.com that doesn’t include the status quo.  Article Source: Sundai Love

Link here to America’s Next Top Model in review.


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32 thoughts on “Tyra Banks America’s Next Top Model “CANCELLED!””

  1. Of course, I very much agree with all of this. However, I see it slightly unfair to put down taller models. “Amazon” has such a negative notion to it. As does saying they’re unshapely. Like us shorter models, they have no control over their height. Going after those who keep us “shorties” out of the industry is great, but let’s not lower ourselves to their levels by speaking badly about taller models.

    1. jeez moncia, it is high time we stop glorifying "TALL" "ENORMOUS" models and acting like they are beautiful and what models should be. So sick of looking at these types in fashion magazines. Tired of petite women being put down, made fun of, told we aren't right to be models! This website has it right on and the least we can do is call a tall model a amazon! What's the difference petite models are called short equally unattractive reference. It is nice to have a leveled playing field here. We need this for us petite gals. keep it coming petites!

    2. Well, actually, "tall women" everywhere (especially, really tall women), call themselves "Amazon" all the time, especially when they are putting down the "petites" — I think they get some glorified kick out of it, but they definitely wear the badge proudly. =)

  2. Thank goodness for this refreshing take on the industry. I am so tired of the negative mean words used to reference petite women. I hate it when Tyra called the petite models "shorties" put them down constantly throughout the show. Magazines call petite girls vertically challenged, diminutive, short, little, midgets etc. we have heard it all that''s why petite girls are insecure about their height! Love the way you call the tall girls "amazons!" It is appropriate…

  3. OMG this is so right on! Tyra was way out of line doing this to those petite models I hated it. It is so bad watching how she treats the tall gross models over the petites! Great calling tall girls Amazons love it I will always say this now. Finally why should petite women suffer and be put down by these shows and the agents and the magazines. We have something positive for us now here. thank you.

  4. Great, really great article here! You are the best Ann! What you are doing for petite women and are confidence in being petite is nothing short of fantastic! I joined you and I'm telling tons of friends I can.

  5. Finally I have a place to come as a petite girl. I agree with this 100% it's time we defend ourselves and we have Bella to do it! Tyra and her show is the worst and I will never watch ever i promise.

  6. This is so frustrating! I can't wait until the petite models take charge and take over! I am so tired of hearing that I am too short to be a model! That is crazy, I feel if you can rock it, then you can rock it!

  7. I saw this on twitter and loved the title! You got me I really thought the show was cancelled and happy to hear it! Atleast us petite girls should tune it out then it will die because more girls are shorter. We shouldn't allow this to make us feel ugly and bad next to these giraffes bad for us petites to watch!

  8. I want this antm to be cancelled for real sick and tired of rude Tyras mouth. after last season I had it after what she did to those petite models. I hate how she acts like these grossly thin to tall women are good looking they are not. Yucky looking at what they call models give me Eva Longori, Carment Elektra any day of the week!

  9. Go BellaPetite this is the best article about Tyra's Banks stupid show glorifying those unsightly tall girls! It was really horrifying the way treated the petite models were depicted and mean sprited! Out with Tyra Banks I will never watch her shows again!

  10. I agree when that cycle first came out, I was estatic like YAY! I was watching every episode wednesday night and I did see the episode where they had to portray there childhoods like clowns and mini dolls and so forth, after awhile I completely stopped watching altogether. I just couldn't stand it anymore.
    every photoshoot all I kept hearing from Nigel was ''Look taller, be taller, pose taller''. As it stands I USE to be a fan of tyra banks, and LOVED the ANTM show, but I do not anymore.

    I can't even blieve covergirl didnt fulfill there contract with Sundaii that is absolutely horrible!!

  11. That is sad they did that to those models, they have it hard as it is.. We have the power.. we decide what really goes on. As you say. "boycott" that will get their attention, we are done with their ridicule to the women body!!!

  12. What Tyra did to those models was disrespectful. I bet she thought it was a cute idea, but it just further reinforced fashion standards and stereotypes. I love Tyra and know she appreciates real and diverse beauty, but I don’t think she is the person who will stand up for petites because she has been a success in the industry with the status quo. In real life, she’s as tall as a man and a freak of nature. In the fashion world she’s “normal”. I think it’s time for that to change. Why are the freaks of nature representing us??? Honestly, us “petite” women aren’t really petite…we’re NORMAL, and these amazons are the ones who are unusual in appearance…

  13. Right on Ann! You are so on top of it you know what you are doing here. I am now member forever and looking forward to finally see all thing petite!

  14. Yay, finally some one telling like it is! ANTM and Tyra stink! Out with the tall models and in with petites. It is so true Tyra mistreated the petite models and acts as if these tall giraffes rule. I follow Isabella and I like it when she calls the tall models giraffe's it is catching on! Amazons is good too! Take that we are tired of petite women being demeaned for our height we're not gonna take it anymore…

  15. All us petite gals should never watch Tyra Banks and her dumb ass show! I am so over antm after the mean things she called the petite girls and constant put downs! How perfect calling the tall girls amazons it fits the way they look haha…it was so rude how the show was named shortys it should have been called petites i wonder why it wasn't?

  16. I believe that this article is more of an editorial or general opinion blog than anything, no offense to the writer as I do very much get the point of the article, Tyra isn't doing right to models everywhere by not equally accepting models of all heights. Of course, petite woman have generally been exiled from the world of high fashion because of height – which by no means makes it right, but even still, does that make it professionally or even socially acceptable for you to to literally name call with a line such as "Amazon"? Many of these responses have included reasons such as petite women being put down for being short. Yes, Tyra has said it and so have many others in the modeling industry, but that doesn't make it acceptable for there to be that sort of negative reciprocation. There will always be an excuse for why, and I know I can't be of a lone mindset when I say that pointing fingers gets you nowhere, and excuses are much like…. well, there's no need for that here now is there?

    Yes, I know that the industry is tough for petite models. I dabbled in it, I understand that you can only get so far because everyone else has inches on you and you are the last one who would ever be selected. Still, I've never called any names. It's not what the industry needs as if you aren't aware, there is enough cattiness going on already.

    In my personal opinion, and not that it particularly matters, what Bella Petite needs is a voice of positive reason instead of downgrading what models 5'7" and over are accomplishing or taking part of. Embrace designers specializing in petite clothing to show off petite models in their glory. Embrace petite models for latching onto big campaigns, but don't give into the trend of only slinging out the negative about the other side of the industry – even if it IS just reality TV. It's there to entertain you, if you truly dislike the changes done and feel that models of shorter stature deserve their right to be on the show for equal rights then voice your opinion – but do so intelligently and to the show, to Tyra, to the network.

    I do very much so enjoy the concept of this, but I believe the hatred towards the "amazons", as you so put it, in a number of your articles may be an incredible downfall.

    1. Kat what are you doing for petite women? Put up or shut up! These women at this site are actually working towards making a difference. When you take money and time out of your pocket we may care about what you have to say. What I'm sure of is no other person in the world or magazine has embarked on what Ann is doing for petite women…To date this is the only professional company in the world doing this!

  17. Are you serious Kat! Poor little amazons! Ha ha! All petite girls ever hear are put downs…Calling a tall big gal an amazon is a taste of their own medicine. I can come up with dozens of derogatory names I hear and read all the time when people talk about petite gals. This increases awareness… to bad if TALL GALS can't handle the heat! All seasons Tyra ripped on petite models….shorty this and shorty that and little, midget models, too short to model etc…

  18. Kat if you want to support Tyra's lame show good for you. Hug and love the reasons why petite women are looked done upon. The fact is playing nice has petite women in the closet. As usual a pedantic know it all who does nothing, but tell others how to be…jees, you are telling women who are doing something about the industry discrimination what they should do!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow, since when has their been petite models. Where's the clothing for us too….hmmm

  19. Don't The fashion world think they will make even more money if they did have petite models as well as tall models and curvy or plus size models. If you think about it they could be making a hell of alot more money if they get off their high horse and belittling ppl that has the right to their dream as anybody else.

    1. Hello Sirena: You are exactly right on this point. By discriminating against majority of women in the world, all that's occurred is alienation in the market. Retail is experiencing it's worst economic downturn in the last ten years. By simply addressing their consumer market they win. Lane Bryant's strategy is a perfect example as to why they are succeeding. You don't see Lane Bryant using tall and thin models in their clothing, nor petite full-figured for that matter (this is a problem).

      The obvious double standard however remains with petite models. The designers actually use exclusively tall models when advertising petite clothing. As a result, most petite women don't even know which designers and retailers carry petite sizing. Market confusion and alienation not a winning combination. It's time for a new strategy! One that targets their consumer…

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your commentary. Make sure to join as a member too at http://www.BellaPetite.com/join

  20. whatever ur article suckz dude the reason tall girls are models is cuz we are slim and have sexy legs whilest you people look like children and hahaha YOU CAN kid yourself with the 'unsighty' crap bottom line is YOU ARE JELOUS! i'm 5 ft 10 and you know what i have curves and look more sexy than you ever will so next time you petites insult us think towice or you might more than a little crushed by us 'Amazons'.

    1. tina I bet anything you ain’t sexy at all! Tall lame bitches like yourself have nothing to offer but HATE and INSECURITY! You prove it by your stupid worthless words. furthering the bullshit dished out by ENORMOUS unsightly witches like you. a gawky tall model is notin’ but a clothes hanger appointed by the gay clothing designers who want guy like bodies in their stupid clothes! ha That’s why sports hero’s like Tony Parker are with babes like 5’0 Eva Longoria and NOT YOU! HAHAHA

      1. Why does people keep talking about the same people when they talk about petite girls? Why not about, say, Reese Witherspoon? (I understand some can think she is ugly, but still she has an interesting face when she don't put stupid makeup on and, yes, sexy legs) Veronika Lake? Anyone? Or this gal, Sandra Dee… (I can just think about those… I am not in a good day, I know they are all blonde so hello diversity… But well!)
        I really don't think Eva Longoria is sexy nor beautiful. She is pretty average, and her legs are too short for her upper body. (I just saw some pictures of her, I don't know what she do, I think it's an actress so anyway I'm not saying she act bad or something, just that I think she is not as sexy as people say)

  21. It's totally weird why tall models exist! other than shapeless figures in clothes. real women have a curves!

  22. In what Univers is 5"8 or 5" 7 short???? only in the man look llike contest called high fashion modeling. the problem of height is one thing the real problem is the lack of real femenity in these women . Lets face it they look like men in drag. Where are the breasts and the butt??? this has a distinctive "high fashion" look that is time to be over , over , over.

  23. I loved this article! It's high time that petite women are acknowledged in the fashion world instead of the tall women out there who look more masculine then feminine. The majority of the ladies out there are shorter then 5'8" so why just focus on the giants?

    Aside from wanting to see more petite women in modeling, what I think would also be great for women in general is to see more real women in the modeling world meaning women who are not airbrushed with Photoshop who sport around two pounds of make up on their face/body. Women who bare their flaws(which we all have!) with pride which is something you don't see in the modeling industry. That would also be a bonus!

  24. I agree Tyra Banks mistreated the petite models. Calling it the “shorties” edition was demeaning. She made that segment into a joke. It was for ratings only. And I hated that season altogether!

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