Three Simple Steps To Making Life Simpler

Anna NguyenI can imagine you have seen this title, or some similar and many articles written about this particular issue. The fact is there is no magic bullet, unless you can clone yourself and split the list of things that need to get done. Well, we haven’t made it that far yet, anyway, I don’t think I want to deal with ‘me’ everyday. So in lieu of some wonderful scientific innovation to give us some help ( I have seen “I-Robot”, Will Smith, looking great but not sold on the robot thing), let’s take another look at our energy.

Trying to ‘control’ to many things is like juggling, it’s inevitable if you get too many, all the balls get dropped. Many of us can’t afford to be dropping the balls. If we can look at the bigger ‘energetic’ picture here, the more stressed your energy the more things seem to go ‘wrong’. The woman holds the ‘energy’ in the household.woman-juggling-household

You have all noticed when you get stressed, your children are more stressed also, your husband or partner seems also out of sync. If you are a Mom, your children are tied into the mood you are in. The children may not react like you are but if you pay attention you will notice them bouncing off the walls, feeling the stress in their own way.

For those of you in business things don’t go as well and people do not seem to be as cooperative if your energy is off.  Even simple things can become more complicated when we are stressed, trying to control things, people, situations, children.  It’s called life, so take a deep breathe and understand you do not need to ‘control’ it all. We will most likely never reach a point where ‘things’ stop happening, you can’t change that one day you may miss the bus or have a flat tire. You can change how you choose to react to life.

gratitude-rainbowspiral1Here, are a few simple steps to set up your day. Start your day before you even get out of bed, wake up a few minutes early and be in ‘gratitude’. Think of at least 5 things you are grateful for and say “Thank You!”

Then send love to each person you may run into that day, starting with partner and children, positive-energypeople you work with, then anyone else who crosses your path.

Finally, bless the day and ask your Angels to show you the beauty in each situation! This will only take a few minutes but it calms the Spirit and sends out good energy preparing your path before you even get out of bed.

As your day commences stay in the moment, yes, we each have a list in our head of what we choose to accomplish in a given time frame, just remember to be present. If you find yourself being held up, or things not going as smoothly as you would like, remember your day has already been blessed and in that moment go back to gratitude.

Energy is everything and whatever you send out comes right back to you, the most important lessons anyone can learn. You are an energy magnet. Start your day with anger and fear, then more things to make you angry and fearful will come your way.  Start your day understanding it is a blessing to be alive, your life will be more of a blessing.

PositiveEnergyWhen you judge a situation as negative, no matter what it is, you send more negative energy to that situation.

If you can bless that same situation, send love into it, let go of the outcome, trusting the Universe will take care of things, the ‘situation of negativity’ will disappear and go to the nothingness from where it came.

It’s how energy works, “it can be no other way, this is not philosophy, it is physics”.

Written by Linda West

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