Top Ten List What to Say or Not, When Dating Petite Women

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So you’re thinking about dating a petite woman… Great choice!  You’ll never regret it.  

Be careful though, if you don’t heed our advice, you could blow it before the relationship gets anywhere.  

You’re in luck though, because Bella Petite has your back!  

Here are our top ten things you should know when dating a petite gal:

1. She’s indiscriminate when it comes to liking men of all heights (and tall men are extremely attracted to petite women!)  

Check out what the latest scientific studies reveal about why ‘men prefer petite women’ (especially tall men)!

2. Never underestimate her professionally, or personally.  She may be petite and look unassuming, but she’s likely tougher than you.

 When it comes to the boardroom lookout, petite women are on top of it!

3. Please, for the love of God, don’t ask to pick her up.  She is not a toy, a puppy, or a child.  A petite woman wants to know that you respect her.

Truthfully, if she wants you to pick her up, she’ll most likely run and jump on you like she’s reenacting a scene from The Notebook.

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 Ann Lauren® Editor Bella Petite® Magazine Copyright ©

4. What she lacks in height, she surely makes up for in personality.  It’s likely that your petite love interest is a “firecracker!” Powerful, pretty things come in petite packages, which will surely make you fall hard for her high-energy ways.  You just can’t get enough of her brand of love!

5. Whatever you do, don’t ever rest your arm on top of her head.  Unless you’re aiming for a fight! This is demeaning and you would not do that to a tall woman either, right?  Again, placing your arm on her head is disrespectful and makes her feel like a child, or your kid sister, not your lover.

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6. She will always be in high heels. We doubt you’ll complain about this one!  Most petite gals were practically born in their heels, so they might even be able to outrun you in them!  As a courtesy though, if you’ve planned a romantic night that involves a lot of walking around town, let her know in advance, so she can at least wear a wedge.

Tall woman petite woman sex Ann Lauren® Editor Bella Petite® Magazine
Ann Lauren® Editor Bella Petite® Magazine

7. Unlike the last tall girl (5’9+) you last dated, you can put your petite girl in almost any flexible position you desire when you’re fooling around.  You’ll quickly forget all about that standing-up eye to eye activity, and you’ll never miss it when you can do Cirque de Soleil positions like these. Yes, this could be your new reality!

8. She makes one hell of a little spoon, and oh how snuggly she is. She’ll be the yin to your yang, making your world perfect!

9. You’ll think everything she does is so cute and adorable, but do not tell her she’s cute or adorable.  She may look “so cute” when she’s mad, but don’t tell her that (and don’t make her mad)!  She wants you to see her as a sexy goddess, not “cute”.   Make her feel like she’s a supermodel- like she’s one of Bella Petite’s gorgeous Cover Models for example!

 10. For the record “tiny” is NEVER a cute pet name!! Call her babe, baby, sweetheart, beautiful — whatever.  Just do not call her shawty, midge, pint-size, small fry, Lil person, stubby, itty-bitty, mini-mouse, kiddo, shorty, and for the love of God don’t ever say “fun-sized,” which must be a nickname created by a pedophile.

My goodness, these names are truly meant to be condescending, demeaning and they are definitely unattractive words.  Could you imagine if you called a tall woman; giant, yeti, amazon, tree, giraffe, biggie, tower, skyscraper, or un-fun-sized?  Yeah, not cool!

Interestingly, we Google searched “nicknames” for both petite , short women and tall amazon women and not much came up for nicknames referencing tall women, but noticeably there were, dozens of lists containing plenty of terrible nicknames for petite women… Come on people! ;P

Written by: Ann Lauren


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5 thoughts on “Top Ten List What to Say or Not, When Dating Petite Women”

  1. Im 1.50 centimeters and oh my god, the “fun sized” nick name is sooo funny!:D
    I don’t know which man came up with it but i just want to marry him:D

  2. I’m dating a girl that’s 4’11 and beautiful. She is full of energy and we go out dancing about three times a week. We are older and taking it slow in our relationship but I think she’s awesome

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