Top 5 Curb Appeal Ideas To Sell Your Home



Your curb appeal plays a crucial role in effectuating a buyer’s initial reaction to make them want to buy your home.  As they say, “you can never get a second chance at a first impression.” The truth is your home must put its best face forward. Curb appeal attracts buyers!

The moment a potential buyer steps through your front door, I guarantee you they’ve begun the process to decide if they are interested in purchasing your home. The details you’ve put into designing your home’s curb appeal will have a significant effect on a buyer’s initial reaction.

Keeping in mind that you can’t change the size of your lot or the architectural style of the property there are many cognitive changes you can make to improve your home’s exterior appearance dramatically.  To create the best first impression of your home, I’m going to offer you easy solutions to get it done right.

Before you list your home for sale or do another open house. Here are my simple solutions, to help you sell your home. These are my top five list of ideas that won’t waste your valuable time, so you can’t get to your dream home!   


1. Tidy Lawn

Having a tidy lawn may seem like a task that the Leave it to Beaver generation cared more about, but even now, an overgrown lawn conveys the message that you are inattentive to the yard and therefore may have left a lot of work for new buyers to take on.  A potential buyer may think that if you didn’t take care of the front yard, what else has been neglected?

Also, if you have already moved out of your home that is for sale the yard shouldn’t look unmanicured. At the very least, make sure the lawn is neatly cut, free of children’s toys and stray items, etc. so that the lawn remains eye-catching and not a distracting deterrent.



2. Dressed-Up Doorway

The front door is an excellent opportunity to enhance your home’s exterior since you can do it with little effort and money. Make sure the entryway is swept clean, and remove any old flower pots that may have lingered past their time.

Depending on the time of year, tasteful decorations may be hung on the door to acknowledge the season. I’d recommend keeping these minimal and free from religious or political significance, so as not to alienate potential buyers who might have another point of view.

Focus more along the lines of a wreath of summer flowers or hanging flower box filled with tulips or lavender. Also, a tasteful doormat, preferably one that is new or without signs of heavy use, it is a nice touch that could be useful in minimizing the appearance of damage or stains.

If you have a wooden front door, quickly revived it with a few coats of paint, and this should be a priority if the existing paint is cracked, dirty, or fading.

3. Window Coverings

Although window coverings might take you indoors to fix, it is all about the outward appearance. The windows are the first place curious passersby and visitors will look to for a clue as to how beautiful the interior of the home is and whether it’s worth taking the time to set up an appointment to see it.

The visible outline of a window treatment speaks favorably to the upkeep of the house. Keep curtains hung in ground floor windows if possible, but drawn back and arranged symmetrically. Empty window panes may give off a look of neglect and can make big, front-facing windows seem like a vulnerability due to lack of privacy.  Also, opaque blinds left drawn at all times can seem suspicious and uninviting.


4. Noticeable Numbers

If your house is hard to find on the first visit, frustrated clients might get their showing appointment off on the wrong foot– before they even set foot inside the house. The quick, easy way to avoid this mistake is by making sure there are large, noticeable house numbers on one or both of the two places people look for them most often: the side of the mailbox or on the siding next to the front door.

If you have lived in the same home for years, homeowners you are likely to forget if the street numbers have broken or fallen off since you no longer rely on them. On the other hand, it will inconvenience a potential buyer’s experience.

Replacing your numbers are inexpensive and easy to install. So there’s no point in taking risks with how this minor detail could wreak havoc on a potential buyer.


5. Garden Fixes

A bright, colorful garden is inviting to a potential buyer. Simple landscaping such as; mulching, weeding, adding small trees, flowers, and shrubbery, is an undertaking that you may be willing to invest in for the sake of selling your home.

If you are tight on funds and time here are some suggestions for what to get. Also, select key locations that make the most impact.  Yellow and red are the most attention-grabbing colors, while pink is said to be calming and purple is associated with royalty. Whichever you choose, you can enhance the appearance of your yard with little effort. Large, store-bought flower boxes can be arranged on the front stairs, so long as there is an equal amount on either side of the door.

Flower boxes hung below the ground floor windows are a more intricate touch, and, for the most dedicated, there are even flower boxes designed to hang from the mailbox as well.

It goes without saying that every individual house will come with its own specific set of exterior characteristics that need attention, so get advice to help provide a fresh perspective.  If you are willing to make simple upgrades to your property, it will become more enticing to help you sell!  

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