Top 5 Best Places for Petite Models to Launch Their Careers

Bella Petite Cover Girls Sundai Love & Emina Dedic
Famous working Bella Petite Cover Girls Sundai Love and Emina Dedic. Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2016

5 Best Places for Petite Models to Launch Their Careers

Sundai Love Modeling Around the world
Bella Petite Cover Girl Sundai Love a former Tyra Banks ANTM winner! Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2016

Being a petite model can be a very fun, rewarding career, but it is not without its challenges. With the current fashion industry favoring glamamazon-like, very thin bodies, petite models have to think outside of the box.  They have to be very smart about their modeling choices, as it can be more challenging to find work, particularly print work.

That is why it might be wise to be strategic and target locations such as South Korea, the Philippines, and Singapore, where models height requirements tend to be more lenient and they can build a portfolio more easily, just like Bella Petite Cover Girl Sundai Love.

You may not know this, but Bella Petite Magazine launched their first cover with the stunningly gorgeous and spirited petite model Sundai Love! She has since graced more covers than any other petite model in the history of Bella Petite Magazine.

I’ve outlined some locations below that a new or petite model might want to consider to build a great modeling portfolio to establish a substantial portfolio, work history, and career and also to break into other industries later.

The list is as follows in no particular order:

  1. USA
  2. South Korea
  3. China
  4. The Philippines
  5. Hong Kong
Bella Petite Magazine Cover Girl Sundai Love
Bella Petite Cover Girl celebrity petite model Sundai Love. Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2016

You might be surprised to see the United States on the list, but the US has opportunities all over the nation for models. The best chance for legitimate professional covers, editorials and modeling promotions is happening with Bella Petite Magazine. The Bella Petite fashion initiative is working!

Nonetheless new, petite models can get print work in the states, and it may be difficult, to get into the industry, so promotional modeling is a good bet. Armed with your Bella Petite tearsheests you can get promotional campaigns, tradeshows, conventions, work car shows, technology seminars, or go to private events to aid with promotions, advertising, marketing, and other tasks. The pay isn’t bad- anywhere from $20-45 US dollars on average (a couple hours work), but importantly your networking can lead to other opportunities. Also, finding promotional modeling opportunities in other countries isn’t as easy, as those jobs aren’t as available elsewhere so you may want to focus on primarily on print.

Bella Petite Cover Girl Emina Dedic Korea Beauty Campaign
Bella Petite Cover Girl Emina Dedic Korean beauty campaign. Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2016

For print and commercial work, you can clearly see that Asia is the place to go. That’s because Asia is very open to petite models and has a market that caters to the average female demographic. It is no surprise to see why Bella Petite Cover Girls Sundai Love and as well as myself have done so well in several of these top five markets! 

I was delighted to get the opportunities I have in Korea because of my Bella Petite Magazine cover and editorials, which provided credibility, professional and published tearsheets for my book and that is what agents and brands want to see. 

Usually, if you have a slightly different look to you that makes you stand out, agencies are more inclined to book you. That is how I was able to switch from promotional modeling and occasional shoots with friends or independent studios to an actual career and print work in South Korea.

Once you’ve established a solid book and varied portfolio of experiences, there’s no market you won’t be able to conquer. Don’t forget to join both the Bella Petite Cover Girl or the Poster Girl Model Search. Getting selected as a cover girl or a poster model will empower you and will give you not only invaluable tearsheets for your portfolio, but also increase your credibility as a working model.

Bella Petite Models Emina Dedic
Bella Petite Cover Girl editorial showcasing petite model Emina Dedic. Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2016

Written by: Emina Dedic A Bella Petite Cover Girl


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Ann Lauren presents the Annual Bella Petite Models Swimsuit & Lingerie Contest! Bella Petite Magazine Copyright © 2016

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