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Latina Celebrities Bella Petite
Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Roselyn Sanchez and Interior Designer Vanessa Deleon


Sexy! Bella Petite Latina Horoscopes For 2015

Bella Petite Celebrity Roselyn Sanchez
Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Roselyn Sanchez

1. Roselyn Sanchez Age: 41 Height: 5’5″

Born: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Profession: actress, singer, songwriter

Zodiac Sign: Aries March 21-April 19

The Aries female is a true leader of the zodiac signs.  The Ram will usually attract the same strong personality type for a partner.  This fire sign is dynamic, energetic and goal-oriented individual. She is outgoing, however, she can also be a happy loner.

The Aries is known as the feminist of the group. Aries has masculine-feminine qualities infused into one.  This year Aries will benefit from all the hard work, as huge opportunities will come knocking.

QUOTE : Puerto Rican actress from Rush Hour 2 and tv series Kojak. In Stuff magazine she said, I’m 5’5′ and you have to be at least 5’8” to be Miss Puerto Rico, so I entered Miss Puerto Rico Petite.” Although we wonder if she measured her height with or without heels…(Photo shown on right)

Bella Petite Celebrity Rosario Dawson
Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Rosario Dawson

2. Rosario Dawson Age: 35 Height: 5’7”

Born: New York, N.Y.

Profession: actress, singer, songwriter, model

Zodiac Sign: Taurus April 20-May  20

The Taurus is a gifted observer; nothing gets by them.  A good listener, but when sharing their views, they can be very stubborn if challenged. If provoked, the Bull will act like the proverbial “Bull in a china shop,” that means lots of damage control. As the matador, get out of her way, since the Bull will come charging when angered. As the earth sign, she is considered a realist. 

Bella Petite Interior Designer Vanessa Deleon
Bella Petite Latina Interior Designer Vanessa Deleon

In addition, she is a talented leader, which knows how to get the job done. This year the Taurus will soar gradually enjoying the beauty of the earth without missing a beat. Taurus is the builder of the zodiac, as this year, she will make the foundation secure and sound. (Photo shown above)

3. Vanessa Deleon Bournias Age: 35 Height: 5’2”

Born: Secaucus, New Jersey

Profession:  interior designer, television personality, editor

Zodiac Sign: Gemini May 21-June 20

The great communicator of the zodiac, this sensual air sign is constantly going in all directions.

A day in the life of the Gemini is to squeeze as many appointments in the day as there are hours.  Gemini can create a spreadsheet while writing a proposal, simultaneously closing a million dollar deal on the phone.  

There is no time to lose in the Gemini world, gifted with a forever-young aura, not only physically, but a childlike coquettish sense about her.

The Gemini’s abundant nervous energy is unstoppable, as the New Year starts out very demanding.  This twin may just be trading in the heels for roller skates. (Photo shown on right)

Bella Petite Celebrity Selena Gomez
Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Selena Gomez

4. Selena Gomez 

Age: 22 Height: 5’4″

Born: Grand Prairie, Texas

Profession: actress, singer, songwriter

Zodiac Sign: Cancer June 21-July 22

The Cancer loves to be around family and enjoys the parent-child relationship.  The cancer lady can be very generous, especially to her loved ones. This water sign can become moody at times, for obvious reasons.  

This year the Cancer will be faced with a rough beginning, but tenacity will be a plus in leading the Cancerian to harmony and peace in early spring.

As the flowers begin to bloom the Cancer sign will start digging its way out of the sand. 

(Photo shown on left)

5. Jennifer Lopez Age: 45 Height 5’4″ (Jlo’s height varies from 5’3″ to 5’7″.  Keep in mind her ex-hubby Marc Anthony is only 5’6″. In a recent quote on celebheights she says “I’m 5’6”, so it seems she’s measures herself by using the Hollywood two inch rule, lol)

Bella Petite Celebrity Jennifer Lopez
Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Jennifer Lopez


Born: Bronx, New York

Profession:  actress, producer, fashion designer, author, singer, songwriter

Zodiac Sign: Leo July 23-August 23

Leo the Lioness is known as the artist of the zodiacs. Exotic surrounds the wild Leo lady; she is exceeding creative and charismatic.

Movie star looks, but of course, the Leo lion was the sign for MGM studios.  This fire sign is full of passion and is a fearless leader in any field of work. She has a great imagination, often using it in her personal life as well as her professional one.

This year the lovely Leo will come out of the cage with loud roaring success. (Photo shown on right)

Bella Petite Celebrity Alexa Vega
Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Alexa Vega

6. Alexa Vega Age: 26 Height: 5’1”

Born: Miami, Florida

Profession:  actress, singer

Zodiac Sign: Virgo August 24-September 22

The Virgin is the cerebral sign of the zodiac. The Virgo is a serious thinker, organizer and can be very active. She is extremely talented in many different ways.

She is into intellectual activities or conversations that stimulate the mind.  

Like Gemini, the Virgo is also a great communicator that will clearly get her impressive views across.

This year will be a spectacular one for Virgo as she takes every bit of her talents making sure to share them with the world. It’s your time to shine Virgo!  

Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Blanca Suarez
Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Blanca Suarez

(Photo shown on left)

7. Blanca Suarez Age: 26 Height: 5’5”

Born: Madrid Spain

Profession: actress

Zodiac Sign: Libra September 23-October 22

The air sign, like Aquarius and Gemini, are intelligent, and have great communication skills.  

The Libra’s classic look that can stop traffic; although popular among the crowd she is the first one to make it to the top of the guest list!

This year my lady Libra, things will seem out of balance at the beginning of the year, the scales will tip a bit my friend.  Be mindful to set some relaxation time aside; this will help you create and maintain the balance that you truly need. (Photo shown on right)

Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Kate Castillo
Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Kate Castillo

8. Kate del Castillo Age: 42 Height: 5’2”

Born: Mexico City, Mexico

Profession:  actress, singer

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio October 23- November 21

This water sign enjoys learning about other people, extremely intuitive and friendly.

This femme fatale is mysterious, charming and can be highly resilient.  

The Scorpion is constantly reinventing herself in a very sophisticated manner.

This year starts off intense as if a storm is coming without warning.  

Don’t fret, sweet Scorpio, things will start to settle down in early spring.

You will have to weather the storm, as the sun will shine once again; giving you much needed inner regeneration, renewal and strength.  

Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Sugey Abrego
Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Sugey Abrego

(Photo shown on left)

9. Sugey Abrego Age: 36 Height:  5’4′

Born: Tuxpan, Mexico

Profession:  actress, model

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius November 22-December 21

The Sag lady is optimistic and lives life to the fullest. She is “Lady Godiva” on her white mighty horse, demanding to be treated like the diva that she is.  

This year this beautiful Sagittarius sign will be ready to “grab the bull by the horns.”

Make sure your arms are open wide to receive the positive changes that are coming your way!

(Photo shown on right)

Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Andrea Guasch
Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Andrea Guasch

10 Andrea Guasch Age: 24 Height: 5’8″

Born: Catalonia, Spain

Profession:  actress, singer, dancer

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn December 22-January 19

The earth sign is highly ambitious, as the goat climbs the ladder of success as quickly as she would a mountain. The Capricorn chica is extremely curious and very intelligent. 

In addition, she is trustworthy, disciplined and determined. There are times when you get lost in your work and find it difficult to relax.  

This year, the goals you have set will come to fruition. Enjoy this time madam, because you truly fit the sign of the goat making your way to the peak of that mountain.  (Photo shown on left)

Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Eva Mendes
Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Eva Mendes

11, Eva Mendes Age: 41 Height: 5’5″

Born: Miami, Florida

Profession: actress, singer, model

Zodiac Sign: Pisces February 19-March 20

The compassionate sign of the Pisces will go above and beyond to serve mankind. Femininity exudes this Sea Maiden, possible muse, who finds little differences in make-believe and reality.

She is as mysterious as the deepest oceans and like the changes in the tide, synonymous with the moodiness of the Pisces.  This water element has mutable qualities, and she is extremely intuitive.

This year will be your year for positive career changes. Many will notice the sexiest siren of the zodiac!

QUOTE: The Telegraph newspaper quoted Mendes saying: “I’m only 5ft 6in and adore heels as they make my legs look longer. Brian Atwood heels are the perfect mix of sexy and classy”. In fact, her modeling agency gave her height as 5ft 6, more proof to support that Hollywood two inch rule!

(Photo shown on right)

Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Shakira
Bella Petite Latina Celebrity Shakira

12. Shakira Age: 37 Height: 4’11” (Height verified by one of her dancers Dionne Renée who was on the Ann Lauren Livecast. There’s plenty of  lively discussion on Celebheights too. During many interviews she has talked about being 4’11” and how much she loves it!)

Born: Barranquilla, Colombia

Profession:  actress, singer, songwriter

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius January 20-February 18

The sexiest sign of the zodiac, this air sign considers ‘all mankind are equal.  A great team player that is full of not only creative ideas, but also often “thinks out of the box.”

Furthermore, she is often chosen to play a leadership role. Aquarius can easily become bored. Thus, she is constantly seeking change. The Aquarian lady is very experimental, trying things at least once.  Her creative ways are magnetizing, however at times complex.  The world is a stage; therefore, this year Aquarius will be your year to make your grand entrance. (Photo shown above)

Written by: Bobbi-O

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