Top 10 List of Summer Beauty Trends

Summer Beauty Trends 2015

Here are the hottest make-up trends for the Summer! Varying shades from light blue hues to peachy pinks. We have paired the best colors  to enhance your tanned skin.  Save your skin by using sunless tanners and SPF15 + sunblock!  

Time to shine, with the hottest make-up trends from Dolce & Gabbana! Lets change it up by freshening up your lips, eyes, and nails. For this season, it is time to let go of the winter matte and dark colors and choose a much lighter palette.

Build a good foundation with your favorite bronzer and illuminator to emphasize your darker and tanned skin tones.

Thanks to Dolce & Gabbana we have switched up the hottest make-up trends: with the reemergence of light blue to rose pink.

1. Light blue

10 biggest summer make-up trends 2015 light blue

It’s likely that you haven’t indulged in cerulean make-up since you were a teen. But for this summer you may want to embrace the contrasts on your eyes with bold rasperry pink and cerulean blue Summer Hue. For example. Add a hint of blue on your eyelid or just under the eyes to emphasize the gaze. Then brush some pink over your browbone to get a sun-kissed glow. Make your lips vibrant and with the cerulean Light Blue lipstick and complete your look with the nail polish in Light Blue.

 2Peachy tan enhancer

10 biggest summer make-up trends 2015 peachy

For darker skin tones or your newly acquired tan, you want to enhance your golden glow with peachy make-up. Make your eyes deeper with soft brown or bronze with the eyeshadow quad Cocoa. For a more dramatic look add a lot of mascara. Then get your lips shiny with creamy classic shine Nude color. To complete your glam look, paint your nails pink-orange to get a Peachy tone.

3. Red passion

10 biggest summer make-up trends 2015 red passion

Wintery darker tones are out this season. While red gets back to its vibrant, passionate color. You’ll want to opt for black eyeliner on your eyes. Next we turn up the volume with mascara to create bold eyelashes. Complete your look with a classic shine sheer red lipstick and match it with red nail lacquer Red.

4. Bon Ton

10 summer make-up trends 2015

We love this fabulous Lilac eye shadow for this summer, it improves and optimizes your skin tone and eye color. The next step is to add your Nude Lilac color onto your hands. Then to create a feminine, soft tone by applying it on your eyelid. The Amore mono cream eyeshadow is a wonderful way to get the pearl finishes and to create a natural beauty look.

5. La lip en rose 

10 hot summer make-up trends 2015

Less is more select a shiny lipstick that will create a Summer freshness to your face. Try shiny lipsticks in the rose shades.

6. Perfectly bronzed 

10 biggest summer make-up trends 2015 bronzing powder

The best way to add color without the sun is with a great bronzer like the Glow Bronzing Powder. This will add a natural sun-kissed glow and you should also use it to contour and define your face.

7. Light-up

10 biggest summer make-up trends 2015 illuminator


To complete your look, use The Illuminator Summer Shine to add definition and achieve an effortless glow. You will want to use it to define cheekbones or illuminate the eyes by adding a bit in the inner corners.

8. Feminine up-dos

top 10 list ummer make-up trends 2015


This season Summer catwalk trend is tojust simply chignon decorate with flowers or other discreet accessories.  You’ll want to tie up your hair, in a simplistic way.

9. Granny hair 

granny hair summer make-up trends for 2015

This is the strangest trend and it is uncharacteristically hot right now, so it may not be for you or me. Although we have been seeing bloggers and celebrities on the red carpet sporting granny hair, which signifies it is a fully fledged trend.  Possibly, underneath it also bares a good message, and a deeper beauty trend: age is no longer something to conceal.  As we say not all trends are meant to be embraced here today and gone tomorrow.

10. Metallic nails

top 10 list metallic nail trends 2015

Cool metallic nail polishes do accentuate your manicures and Summer skin. This is a fabulous way to add some glamour to your simple Summer looks!

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