Top 10 List of Summer Beauty Tips and Tricks You Want to Know

Ann Lauren Bella Petite Beauty Expert and Chief-
Ann Lauren Bella Petite Beauty Expert Editor. Hair by Eduardo

Summer beauty with ease. I always say, “living beautifully is a state of mind.”  But like anything in life, we must take thoughtful care when it comes to both our well being and beautiful countenance. As your resident Bella Petite beauty expert, I wanted to offer you my top 10 tips and tricks that will bring you optimum results for head-to-toe beauty this Summer!

  1. Oil Blotters are fantastic for avoiding powdering your sweaty face and help to keep your pores unclogged. It’s an awesome -way to let your skin breathe and shine through to give you a natural dewy look for the Summer. Be sure to pop a pack of Oil Blotters in your purse!
  2. De-puff your eyes by using raw potatoes. After a long hot Summer night of partying this is a cool trick to know. Simply slice up a raw potato and refrigerate. Then the morning after taking them out and lay the cold slices on your eyes. You may not know this, but potatoes have an uncanny ability to stay cold for an extended period of time; they also deliver antioxidants, like Vitamin C and other healthy nutrients to your skin. Plus, potatoes are as great as cucumbers when it comes to reducing dark circles. Their natural based enzymes, vitamin C, and starch nourish the sensitive skin around your eyes.  The coldness of the potato reducing swelling and inflammation underneath the eye to minimize the appearance of dark circles and tired eyes.
  3. Lemon juice removes sweat stains. This one is a keeper! It’s a little-known secret that especially comes in handy for your white and gray workout shirts. Lemon removes dark sweat stains and potentially helps to avoid them. Just simply spray the darkened spots with lemon juice before you wash them.  Either fill a spray bottle with fresh lemon juice and or you can squeeze the juice directly on the pit stain and scrub the shirt with the rind.
  4. Protect your hair color. If you want to avoid the natural highlights created by the sun, then use an SPF spray leave-in conditioner before you head out into the sun.--
  5. Want to protect your Brazillian blowout? This next tip may seem odd, but it works! Try swiping deodorant onto,  the back of your neck, (one swipe).  The deodorant will help keep you cool while helping to prevent sweat that can ruin your straight hair creating frizz.
  6. A cool tip to extend the life of your razor (shaver), prevent rust and give it a few more days is to coat it with olive oil. I do this all the time. And olive oil is great for your skin. This is a two for one tip! 
  7. Dry lip fix. Exfoliate with sugar. Use granulated sugar and a tablespoon of honey to create a scrub. This is an easy, inexpensive and a tasty edible tip! 
  8. To simplify your foundation for Summer use a tinted moisturizer with SPF 30, and your skin will look beautiful and will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

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  9. Do you want to create natural beach waves? This is a simple trick go for a messy updo bun. Take your clean damp hair, apply mousse or texturizing spray and tightly wrap your bun, use pins or clip to secure. Sleep on it, or just leave in for a few hours and then wallah, you have naturally fresh bouncy waves!-
  10. Milk of small miracles! For shine-free oily skin, milk of magnesia might be your answer. After you moisturize and before your makeup routine apply a dab or two all over your t-zone and cheeks as a primer.  
    Bella Petite Beauty Tips by Ann Lauren -
    Bella Petite Beauty Tips by Ann Lauren. Bella Petite Magazine Copyright ©

    Written by: Ann Lauren

    Bella Petite Editor and Chief Ann Lauren-
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  1. Great tips. All your tips are very useful especially the dark circle reducing tip is very helpful to me as I have got dark circles from few days because of doing late night work. Keep sharing such helpful tips so that I can share it with my friends.

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