Top 10 List How To Achieve Awesome Quads Workout

Top 10 List How To Achieve Awesome Quads Workout. Complete workout regime and fitness advice to get you in shape for life! Jillian Michaels style.

Go For It! Get the best quads you can imagine. Here are ten (10) top tips:

1. Leg Machine Curl Booty beautiful!

This exercise works the opposing quad muscles by isolating your hamstrings, so your legs equally progress balanced.  Your leg muscles may be comparable in strength, as well as progress differently. While performing this exercise squeeze your hamstrings, and pull the bar down towards your butt. Your hamstrings will be tightening as your quads stretch to complete the motion. Leg Extension- 4 sets 8-12


leg machine curl bella petite-
Awesome workouts, fitness regime for killer buns and thighs!

2. Quad Leg Extensions 

Completely isolating your quads is key! Go strong and load up on weight. Use this machine for this exercise it completely isolates the quads. To raise the bar with your legs, you must engage your quads and pull them towards the ceiling. This exercise isolates the quads more than any other machine or exercise.  For you to see real growth and definition, you will need to do 4 sets of 8 to 12 with as much weight as possible.

quadlegextensionstrainingbellapetite-3. Full Movement Leg Extensions

This extension must be done with full range of motion. Be sure to clench your quad peak. Hold it for a second or two to add to the degree of difficulty and don’t lock out your knees in any exercise. Turn your back to the machine, use attachment around your ankle, take a slight step forward, your leg bent and extend your foot forward to engage your quad.  This exercise may either be done sitting or standing depending on the availability of machines. Leg Extension- 4 sets 8-12

standing full movement leg extensions-
4. Leg Press

This is an excellent way to feel the burn! The leg press mainly utilizes your quad muscles. Change up your foot placement for each set varying degrees of width and direction of your feet exacts specific muscle engagement. Start out by placing your feet about shoulder width apart and then vary your foot placement.

When your toes are straight, the overall quad is engaged. When you point your toes in, like pigeon-toed, you are focused on the outer quads. When you turn your toes out, you are focusing on your inner quad area. You will want to mix it up to work all areas of your quad evenly. This exercise is a fabulous leg lift! Leg Press 4 sets 8-12 For beginners we recommend following Jillian Michaels advice to get you started.Leg Press machine-5. Hack Squats

Yes, get ready to get your butt kicked! Here is another exercise for leg strengthening.  Be sure to keep your butt back and focus the weight on the balls of your feet and your quads. Also, note that whenever your weight is in the front of your foot you are effectively engaging your quads.

Conversely, if you drop your weight to your heels, you will engage your glutes and hamstrings. Isolation is key! While you are training, your quads do several compound exercises to work effectively your entire leg. For you to see growth and definition in your quads, you need to perform isolating exercises.  Hack Squats 4 sets 8-12

Machine Hack Squats Bella Petite-
6. Step ups

Step ups are a butt kicker! They look easier then they really are done in proper form! The key is to use a bench step high enough to make it hurt as you stand completely upright position. The bench step should be knee-quad height to achieve good form. Get started by standing up on your elevated leg, and then tap the step with your free foot. Do not alternate legs. You will want to complete an entire set and then alternate legs, and repeat!  3-5 lbs of weights 4 sets 8-15

Steps Ups with weights bella petite-

7. Barbell Front Squats

It’s important to focus on your form with every exercise you do, to achieve optimal results. This exercise is tough. For the beginners, we suggest you start with just the barbell without weights. Soon you may want to add gradually weights to the barbell, as you become stronger.

You will want to force your chest to stay upright by holding the barbell in front of your shoulders. Be sure to keep the bar at the front of your body and quads, holding the barbell across your shoulders and then squat down at least 90 degrees. Dumbbell Reverse Lunge 4 sets 10-15barbellfrontsquatproperformbellapetiteforpetitewomen-

8. Reverse Lunges with Dumbbells

Before beginning this next exercise, you should warm-up your legs, so that you may progress your workout. We suggest starting with some isolated exercises to help prep your quads. By targeting your quads, you will break down the muscle for growth and burn fat. Now your quads are warmed up and ready. Double up and work it girl!

Compounding, the motion will work your entire leg. Take a step back to focus the emphasis of weight to the front leg, while utilizing your quad. Add a dumbbell in both hands placing your feet a hid width apart, taking one step back and down into a lunge and then you’ll want to stand up returning the leg into your starting position. Alternate each leg with the same step back and returning to starting position. Dumbbell Reverse Lunges (3-10 lbs in each hand) 4 sets 8-15

9. Single Leg Squats

Again, for this next exercise get into proper form by stepping forward with your grounded foot far enough in front of the elevated foot placed on the bench behind you. You may do this exercise with, or without, dumbbell weights (beginners no weight). Make sure that the bottom of the squat that your forward leg is at a 90-degree angle, so you feel your quad burn. 4 sets 8-15

single leg squats with barbells-

10. Jump Lunges

Now this exercise is excruciating! Again focus on your form.  If you don’t have perfect form, you are wasting your time because you won’t achieve the results you want. Begin with one leg in front of the other in a lunge position (you may do this with or without weights).

For beginners, we suggest that you don’t use weights until you are stronger, and you will know when the Jump Lunges are easy for you to do.. You will be isolating and focusing weight onto your quad, as you lunge down, engaging your leg muscles to jump up off the ground. Then drop down in lunging position until your back leg nearly reaches the ground and jump up to finish the motion! Alternate your leg change when you have completed each set.  Jump Lunges Four sets of 10-20.Lunging Jump Squats Bella Petite-

No pain no gain, if it hurts to sit down then you know you’ve done it all right! You are a supa-star because this is an insane workout that produces real results. As long as you are committed, focused on your form and you increase reps with each set as you’ll grow stronger and you will achieve awesome sexy quads!.

For best results do a minimum of five quad exercises and change it up every other day for at least 30 minutes a day five times a week.

If you are beginner practice on your form, and do not over do it. Consult your physician if you have any pre-existing conditions that may prohibit your ability to do these exercises properly.

Written by: Editor Ann Lauren

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