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Bella Petite Magazine’s Editor Picks Top 10 Beauty Brands

Beauty influencer Ann Lauren’s Top 10 beauty brands for uncomplicated beauty on the go! We’ve got you covered from hair products to cosmetics & skincare products that are tried, reviewed beauty favorites. Savvy shoppers know what’s new, globally trending, where to get quality products at reasonable prices, and offer you smart beauty solutions for your self-care beauty toolbox, so you can look beautiful all the time!

Here are ten amazing beauty brand products we know you’ll want to get because they are quality products that resolve common beauty issues.

1. We have the secret weapon to long-lasting luscious lips with Lancome Shaping Lip Color 

  • The long-wear lip color you love to wear
  • It stays and never fades
  • Improves the lips condition with regular use

2. Do you wish that you had fuller Lips? You can with Charlotte Tilbury NUDE Lip Cheat Liner! It smooths over your lips to create a seamless line, resize, and reshape for a fuller pout. It lasts up to six hours thanks to a no-smudge, waterproof formula that won’t feather or transfer. The texture is rich and velvety to layer comfortably on your lips. Great range of 15 shades that can be matched—nudes, reds, berries, and pop colors—to perfect any lip.

3. Is your skin uneven, oily, and dull? We have the perfect product to transform your skin to flawless, it’s Givenchy Prisme Primer’s meticulously matte base that helps your skin radiant in seconds! The first beauty filter priming cream that preps the skin for a luminous base with color-correcting, cashmere-soft crèmes that melt into skin, fading away imperfections. This is a must-get now!

4. Do you have problems with your foundation caking up and not maintaining a flawless look for 12+hours? You will love Christian Dior’s Skin Compact! Christian Dior Diorskin Forever Extreme Control Perfect Matte Powder Makeup with SPF.

5. Get a natural-looking glow to your skin with Stila Heaven’s Hue Lightweight highlighter with a bouncy-to-the-touch texture that melts into skin for a barely-there feel and fresh natural glow.

6. Becca Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector The formula fuses ultra-fine, pearl pigments with liquid for an ultra-buttery texture. The creamy formula builds and blends seamlessly, without ever glittery or chalky. Plus, Becca’s Champagne Pop is the bestselling shade for all skin tones.

7. Do you want to maintain a summer glow all year round? You can with Designer Skin that protects your skin with Designer Skin Glamour and Sicilian Sunless Tanning Lotions. The benefits are amazing!

  • Designer Skin 24X Bronzer, 13.5 ounces
  • DHA with Red and Violet tints for natural olive tones feathered in tanned skin
  • Special complex that activates melanin for deep color production and flawless color
  • Proprietary Elixir with energizing Caffeine and tightening Peptides to target and tightened skin
  • Silicone emulsion with Tan Odor Inhibitor, Fragrance: Sparkling Bellini

8. The Hollywood Celebrity Secret to looking ageless doesn’t cost a fortune or a plastic surgeon… Get Loreals Pure Retinol Serum. There are many retinols’ available in the market: complexes, derivatives, and PURE. Dermatologists recommend PURE Retinol because it is the most researched, the most potent form of retinol. 0.3% Pure Retinol is an optimal concentration that has been dermatologist-validated for fast, visible results.

9. You ever wonder why celebrities’ makeup and eyebrows look amazing? Its Anastasia of Beverly Hills Soft Glam Luxe kit it brings together three fan-favorites for all of this season’s glam looks a trio of favorites for all of your seasonal glam looks. Next, you pair it with Anastasia’s Expert Brow Kit for the best brows ever is a limited-edition set featuring three must-have ABH brow products: a travel-size DIPBROW Gel, a full-size Brow Wiz and a travel-size Clear Brow Gel. Creates everything from fully feathered to naturally polished brow looks, completes your must-haves beauty list!

10. Do you have puny lashes? Problem solved with, Sephora’s Big Extreme Volume Mascara Noir Black is exceptional Mascara for volumizing and lengthening eyelashes. While minimizing smudges, clumping, and smears. Simply Long-wear eyelash perfection.

11.Show us your Luv 😉 Get a Bella Petite Magazine collectible designer tee shirt!

Beauty Insider Tip of The Day:

Buyers beware of Holiday seasons and off-season online “great beauty deals, and low price beauty brand knock-offs” because they may turn out to be “beauty disasters” that are harmful to your skin, nails, and hair. A smart beauty general rule to follow when buying designer-named brand beauty products is “if it’s cheap it’s fake” and you are better off not buying because you don’t know where it’s made and what’s in it…No matter how good the labeling looks and how great the deal. Simply said, it is too good to be true. Google “low price beauty knock off disasters” like we did and that will scare anybody from online so-called “great beauty deals.”

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