Top 10 List Hot Latin Men

Sabastian Rulli 10 Hot Latino Men

Bella Petite Latina’s list of our top 10 latino men for this month! These men will surely leave you fantasizing about a latin fling, but it’s not cheating when you’re just dreaming, right?!

Top Ten Hottest Latino Men… Bella Petite Latina’s Pick… and their Astrological Sign!

Bella Petite Magazine Latino Hottie #1

William Levy, actor, dancer, director and model, born August 29, 1980 (34), in Cojimar, Cuba.

The astrological sign Virgo: male is very reserved and enjoys having his own space. He will try to impress with his cleverness, shying away not to ignore you, but to entice you leaving you wanting more.

He sure left us wanting “more… more… more… how do you like him?… how do you like him?” This ladies is Bella Petite Latina Pick, Numero Uno en Caliente! El Galan, Guillermo (William in Spanish)!

Rumored: singleWilliam Levy 1Bella Petite Magazine Latino Hottie #2

Juan Garcia Postigo, actor and Mister World 2007, born on January 19, 1982 (32), in Málaga, Spain.

Astrological sign is Capricorn: the Capricorn man is self-assured, straightforward and very observant.

These men can be very reserved, but if there is a mutual attraction they can easily become uninhibited.

Rumored: single

Juan Garcia 2

Bella Petite Magazine Latino Hottie #3

Jose Eduardo Verástegui, born May 21, 1974 (age 40), Mante, Tamaulipas, Mexico, actor, Singer and model.

Astrological sign Taurus: the Taurus man is usually stubborn, they work hard and in turn they play and love hard. They are possessive individuals that do not like to take orders, but give them. The Taurus man is dedicated, tenacious and when they set their minds, watch out! They exude sensuality, and sexuality when entering a room.

Rumored: single.

Jose Eduardo Verástegui 3Bella Petite Magazine Latino  Hottie #4

Ruben Cortada, born October 6, 1984, (age 30), in Havana, Cuba, actor and model.

Astrological sign is Libra: the Libra man is very romantic and charming. They tend to be a little shy, but very coquettish. He is a great listener and very responsible. They have a very seductive libertine mind. They are spontaneous, which make his endorphins fly high.

Make sure to stroke his ego and you will score high points with this sign. Rumored: single.

Ruben Cortada 4Bella Petite Magazine Latino Hottie #5

Lazaro Alonso, known as Las Alonso, Actor, Director born on March 25, 1974 (40), in Washington, D.C., of Afro-Cuban Heritage.

Astrological sign is Aries: the Aries man is fun loving, a bit reserved and very determined. Loves the camera, lights, and he is first for the action. His intriguing mind will leave you wondering and enlighten.

Rumored: single

Lazaro Alonso 5Bella Petite Magazine Latino  Hottie #6

Daniel Arenas, actor, singer and model, born March 30, 1979 (35), in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Astrological sign Aries: men are very self-confident, charming and for the most part bluntly honest. They love a good time, so be ready to run around a bit with this ram of a man.

Rumored: single

Daniel Arenas 6Bella Petite Magazine Latino  Hottie #7

Aron Diaz, actor, singer and model, born March 7, 1982 (32), in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

Astrological sign Pisces: are smooth operators, mischievous, and luring. They have a seducing and mysterious nature and do not like to reveal much about themselves. They are controlling and extremely passionate, as you can see from that look “oh so very Goth!”

Rumored: single

aaron diaz 7Bella Petite Magazine Latino  Hottie #8

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, known as “A-Rod” Yankee #13, born on July 27, 1975, (39), in New York City, of Dominican-heritage.

Astrological sign Leo: males born under this sign are often leaders. If not allowed to spread his wings, this independent guy will be hard to hold onto. They tend to be loyal, not to be confused with faithful. Leo’s need to be treated like the King, in turn, ladies you will be rewarded.

Rumored: single

A Rod 9Bella Petite Magazine Latino  Hottie #9

Elmer Figueroa Arce, singer and actor, stage name Chayanne, born on June 28, 1968, (46), in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Astrological sign Cancer: this sign is a fun loving, but the secretive type and loves his privacy, the cancer male does not like to be questioned. They are very physical in their love affair, and when you capture his heart, he is sensual, fun loving and caring.

Rumored: single

Elmer Figueroa Arce 10Bella Petite Magazine Latino Hottie #10

Sabastian Rulli, actor and model, born August 6, 1975 (39), in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Astrological sign Leo: it’s hard to keep the Leo man down, the golden king loves to roam around. This guy is a 10 for sure, so that just be why we saved him for last! Leo’s are simply irresistible, they love to be your center of attention, El Rey Sabastian, has my attention. Ladies what do you think?

Rumored: single

Sabastian Rulli 8

Written by: Bobbi O

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