Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelors In The World

Top 10 Eligible Bachelors

Recently, a Bella Petite reader posted a question about who we think is the perfect man? After some intense thought and deliberation, here is our top 10 list of the most eligible bachelors.  Of course, our criteria emphasizes looks (because what fun would this be if we didn’t), but we also thought about other qualities we’d want in our men, and this is what we have come up with for our top ten… you’re welcome!

From wealthy business tycoons, sports stars to Hollywood “A”-listers, in our opinion these are Bella Petite’s most eligible bachelors around the world!   Keep in mind none of these guys are married, maybe a girlfriend here and there, but nothing that says hands off, so it’s open season ladies!

Leonardo DiCaprio 450x337

1. Leonardo DiCaprio (age 39): Oh, Leo! We first fell in love on the Titanic, but ever since from gangster to Gatsby it’s been a wild love affair! Unfortunately, it seems he’ll remain a bachelor to the death, but we can still dream anyways girls!

Pete Cashmore Mashable

2. Pete Cashmore (age 28): This techie Scottsman hit the net at age 19 with the ultra popoular and became crushable!  Cashmore’s company reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world.  So a smart, good looking (wealthy) entrepreneur… check and check!  Need I say more?

Cristiano Ronaldo

3. Cristiano Ronaldo (age 26):  What can we say about the men of soccer?  Easy, down girls, this hottie may know how to kick balls in the right direction, but when it comes to matters of the heart he may just be more of the love ’em and leave ’em type.  Maybe there’s enough of him to go around!  No need for nuptials anytime soon.

Adrian Peterson shirtless ripped muscle fitness

3. Adrian Peterson (age 29): Wanna play some football? We can see why Kim Kardashian was once hooked on this hunk of man-steel!  My goodness, may he never get dressed.

johnny depp style icon

4. Johnny Depp (age 50): Johnny is the artist, and with women ‘love at first sight’ is the rule! When this man falls in love, he falls hard and there’s nothing better than a man who knows how to love!

Rickie Fowler

5. Rickie Fowler (age 25):  The PGA tour has struck hottie-gold (or orange, in this case)!  Not since Tiger Woods, has the “gentleman’s game” been so entertaining for single women!  This motocross rider turned golf pro, is starting to make a name for himself on and off the course, but it’s Rickie’s daring fashions and Johnny Depp like boyish charm that put him at the top of our leaderboard!

zac efron

6. Zac Efron: (age 26):  If only our high school musicals looked this good, we’d all be in musical theater for life! What a pretty, pretty guy!

Daymond John

7. John Daymond (age 45): This is a man with a passion for fashion and boy do we love his style!  This fashionista’s brand FUBU has grossed over $4 billion dollars in sales and he looked awesome all the way to the top!

Adam Levine

9. Adam Levine (age 35): You gotta have a rockstar in the group, so Adam’s our man! What’s love got to do with it anyway?  What supermodel has he not dated… anyone?

bradley cooper

10. Bradley Cooper (age 39):  Bradley’s been a busy bee around the Hollywood honeys.  His list of girlfriends is starting to look like IMDB! But who can blame all of these starlets for taking a shot, with that irresistible smile and those piercing blue eyes!

…and keep an eye on BellaPetite ladies, because you may be hearing more from our favorite men on the Ann Lauren Livecast very soon!

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