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Over a year of pandemic fashion’s do-over. Face it we all had many outfits planned for spring into summer and winter last year that we could not wear. It would’ve been silly to sport trendy fashion wear in the midst of a pandemic.

Especially, since we were in lockdown and if we ventured outdoors there wasn’t a soul on the streets to check us out. And to top it off the Ann Lauren Bella Petite Clothing launched in the midst of the pandemic, our heads are still shaken…

Yep, we all got used to our pj’s, jeans and cheap sweatshirts, no makeup, and ponytails. Finally the “#alonetogether” is at its final days, yay!

Now it’s timeWE THRIVE together’ outside to resume our lives. There’s more good news is STYLE is back in fashion! We are so ready for the current trends. 2020 styles didn’t get their moments to shine last year, so their debut will be seen all throughout 2021 into 2022.

With that said the fashion industry is avoiding being ostentatious or over-the-top fancy, instead it is opting for athleisure, urban streetwear, and casual styles.

Sadly, most of us are used to wearing pajamas at home, so it’s doubtful we’ll be seeing that trend making its comeback, lol.

Nonetheless, fashion trends are greatly influenced by simplicity in fit, form, and function with casual-cool organic style.  Now is the time to replenish your wardrobe, with these ten celebrity style trends.

Classic Black / Whites

A classic Bella Petite t-shirts, white button-down shirts, hoodie, black jeans, and leggings always look good. A celebrity go-to effortless look that never fails. Like the LBD.

Bella Petite wardrobe essentials! These classic combinations are popular as always and they are well-styled post-pandemic. Celebs pandemic style their black and white classic looks with gators, embroidered masks, scarves, belts, jewelry statement fashion accessories.


We are spotting celebrities, style icons, and influencers making bralettes a wardrobe-essential. Bra tops are versatile and can be worn in many ways ie; under t-shirts, hoodie crop tops, cardigans, and blazers.

We all wear bralettes as a comfortable alternative to a bra under baggy shirts and loose clothes. We use them to create a pop of color or designer print under sheer tops, off-shoulder tees, maxi dresses, just limitless options.

Ann Lauren’s classic racerback bra top looks amazing it’s the ultimate body shaper to lift you up!

What’s great about bralettes is they do not have to match with your top layer and they never go out of style!

Matching Sets

Pandemic celebrity style trends include matching sets of pajamas and loungewear. Celebrities and fashion influencers are seen wearing matching sets in social settings and Instagram posts.

Celebs ramped up the look of matching sets with chunky boots, blazers, statement necklaces, or a turtleneck. We have also noticed a lot of monochromatic vibes from tops and bottoms of the same color family used together.

Boho Chic Maxi’s

Nicole Richie’s boho-chic maxi petite dresses are super cute and quite versatile once we take a good foot off the length since they come in “one size fits all,” just not petite women that are 5’4″ and shorter, you get what I’m saying here…

Maxi dresses look great on hangers and can’t be worn by petite women until altered.

Boho’s maxi spring into summer date night dress is paired with cork platform sandals which look great! The versatile maxi dress can be worn with jewels and heels that are suitable for a daytime wedding.

Boho Chic Maxi dresses are seen on petite celebrities with advanced layering techniques worn over pants and sneakers, be careful so as not to look frumpy in this trend.

Oversized Sleeves and Shoulders

The oversized looks of big hair, big tops, and baggy, yet another 80’s fashion statement influenced by the pandemic indoor comfort we became accustomed to in the last year.

Celebrities are stuck in the 80’s moda wearing puffed-up sleeves and shoulders. ‘To trend, or not to trend” is a question answered by your mirror and not your partner 😉

Oversized Pants

Unfortunately, celebrities are coming out of lockdowns in oversized ripped jeans, cargo, and parachute pants paired with voluminous sleeves and shoulders and a few extra pounds like many of us, lol. Here’s a great pair of jeans to give your butt a brazillian lift!

Petite celebrities like fashion plate Rachel Bilson 5’1″ are balancing the low-rider torn jeans, classic t-shirt, and fitted crop jacket with a pop of color handbag looks cool! Also, on the comeback, wide-leg jeans, yoga leggings, and yoga shorts.

Flat Chunky Shoes

Lots of super cute sneakers, clogs, and boots over the last few years as popular flat styles some are petite friendly.

Sadly, loafers, ballet style flats, and baby doll shoes have come out of retirement which is a NO-GO for petite women and that’s okay not all celebrity or runway trends are not created wearable 😛

Also, we are seeing longer-length and thigh-high socks, so as to freshen up this tired look.


Belts are fashionable accessories often worn as a fashion statement. Belts can look great on petite women if worn at the right scale for our frame. Petite women should pick less chunky big belts and stay away from huge statement belts as they will distort our figure and height.

Celebrity style icons and influencers are wearing belts with statement buckles, are starting to wear mid-section belts with dresses, blazers, and true-to-fit knit sweaters.

Bright Colors

Bright color wearapy offers us renewed hope. Celebrities and runway fashion bright colors pop street style is on!

The top colors of the year include; Orange fusion, golden yellow, and pink luxe.

More on Bella Petite’s comprehensive color and runway fashion trends.

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