The Real Currency Required to Create a Business That Thrives [business][lifestyle]

Bella Petite’s resident “Business” Expert Maria Gamb valuable words of wisdom!

Most people believe giving is only measured in terms of money, but there are no-cost ways to give through expressing and demonstrating your internal abundance. This is your real currency and that which you use to leverage your gains, success and forward motion to help others along the way.   All of which creates businesses that thrive, expand and become a plus to the communities around them.

Your positive thoughts, deeds, service, encouragement, resources, opportunities, and kind words all have value to the recipient.

Giving makes you feel part of something bigger.  You might not feel that way initially, because the ego self will protest that you don’t have enough to spare, and that you’ll suffer if you give away too much.  But generosity is an intrinsic part of who you are. By reactivating this part of yourself, you awaken to your higher self and curb the tendencies of your ego self.

The real currency is in discovering”How can I give today?” rather than “What can I get today?” This isn’t difficult but it will take concentration and commitment to thing this way.

  • It is part of your divine biological programming to want to help another person without having a hidden motive to get the better end of the deal.
  • Share information about a resource with a colleague or friend to help her complete a project.
  • Lend a hand to anyone who needs it, even if it means getting your hands dirty.
  • Listen to others without interrupting, offering advice, or judging the situation.
  • Nurture and empower others by reminding them of their resources and strength.

All of these behaviors will strengthen your organization and boost morale, even as they inspire others to operate from the higher self as well.

On the most basic level, offer a smile to a stranger on the street. Say “good morning” to a few of the other caffeine-needy folks in line at Starbucks. Give a seat to a mother struggling to juggle her children on a bus. These things cost absolutely nothing but have such enormous value.

  • When was the last time you told a colleague or competitor about a plum resource?
  • When have you passed an opportunity along to someone who would be a better fit for it?
  • Have you lent a hand to another manager who was having difficulties in getting work accomplished for no other reason than to be helpful?  These are little everyday ways you can be a go-giver rather than merely a go-getter.

In business, there are people who understand the concept of giving at a much higher level. They leverage their leadership to create opportunities for others on a community and/or global scale.  These people understand that what they have—whether power, influence, or resources—are here to be used for the betterment of others. Bill and Melinda Gates, who together established the Gates Foundation, are wonderful examples of the giving principle intertwined with the leadership responsibilities that have already been outlined.

The fifteen guiding principles for the foundation clearly show they understand the basic operational outline of being a go-giver instead of a go-getter:

Use your resources to be of assistance to others. Operate with respect, integrity, and accountability. Partner with and collaborate with others who advocate for change.

While it may not be within your realm of influence to give to others on a global scale in the way the Gates and others can, you can give where you are—in your workplace and community. Giving is energetic currency, which has a greater value than any dollar amount.

This is your most powerful currency. Where and how are you giving to others today?  Beyond money…..

We’d love to hear your comments, experiences and inspirations!  Written by: Maria Gamb

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6 thoughts on “The Real Currency Required to Create a Business That Thrives [business][lifestyle]”

  1. This really made my day! I wish I could say business was conducted with this level of diplomacy. Thanks for the lesson in ethics, but people aren’t this way in the real world, it is too bad! Nice try tho :0

  2. This all sounds nice, but helping a competitor is the last thing I would consider doing. This is just not how the real business world is.

  3. It seems like you feel being competitive is a bad thing. I thing we should always be courteous, but I have to look out for myself this is a dog eat dog economy and Obama isn’t making eat any easier for us to get work!

  4. I’d rather be kind and caring about others. Being authentic is how I go through my life and makes me feel best. It seems I am viewed as a push over though and I am not taked seriously enough because I lack that killer instinct biz requires.

  5. Maria you are a testament of how business should be done! it takes a woman of wisdom to put it out there like you’ve done.

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