The Operative Word is FUN! [business][lifestyle]

Many of you have been following the latest shift in my gym regime on Facebook. I’ve been in search of a new, more energizing workout that is more fun and rewarding. The operative word is FUN. I work hard. I am sure you do too. So more F-U-N is required. Especially when spending so much time in the creative process and working with my wonderful clients. We’re usually in problem solving mode, resolution strategy or working on some aspect of creative brand expansion.

1.) Having fun is a way to disengage your brain.

2.) It’s a way to trick it to stop focusing on the things that you may not feel like you’ve achieved while you’re in that all important process towards achievement.

3.) It’s important because when you’re not focusing on the task at hand or the problem that seems insurmountable you’re giving your brain time to rest and find another pathway.

Over the past few days I’ve tried Kettle Bell training (a world of hurting afterward!) and last week my boyfriend Val and Iwent to a Zumba class together. Both were so much fun. I sweat my guts out. I laughed at myself as my feet got tangled up during a meringue transition into something resembling a belly-dancing move. I think. I’m not sure. What I do know is that I sure didn’t look good doing it. Professional.

However, the trio of 65-year old women behind me encouraged me to keep trying and to come back to the next class. “Don’t worry honey, you’ll get this!” one chimed.

Years ago I would have recoiled at these experiences for 2 reasons.

First, I thought work had to be all work and no play. Work hard….and harder to get the job done otherwise you’re not serious. I didn’t realize that playing time, time for fun and enjoyment actually helps a person think more clearly when then return to the task at hand.

Second, I would have NEVER allowed myself to look foolish because I couldn’t excel at the FUN-Activity immediately! I would feel embarrassed or silly that I couldn’t do it as well as others. Or as well as those lovely older gals.

Fear of looking foolish, more than the work ethic issue, would prevent me from trying lots of new things. Now, that’s saying something because I was always seen as adventurous. Being adventurous is different than looking foolish because you’re putting yourself out there on a limb. To be judged and criticized by others. To have someone point at you and say “what an uncoordinated person” or “doesn’t she know that a 46 year old woman shouldn’t be doing THAT!?”

If I’d listened to them or the voices in my own head I’d never have any fun. I’d never try anything new. This goes for business as well. Where do you want to go that you fear to go because you think others will judge you harshly?  What is the dream and desire in your heart that you’re afraid someone will call you foolish for moving towards? What change do you want to make immediately that you cringe at even mentioning for fear that someone will think your daft?

What is this fear costing you?

Join the discussion on Maria’s blog about this article. We’d love to hear your feedback, comments, thoughts and real life experiences about overcoming feeling foolish and what you’ve learned from doing.  To Your Great Success!  Written by: Maria Gamb

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2 thoughts on “The Operative Word is FUN! [business][lifestyle]”

  1. I can only wish for some fun in my work place control type for a boss. I loose sight of how to enjoy myself…good info in the article!

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