The Kiss that Stays Upon My Lips! Love-A-Licious [Relationship]

The Kiss that Stays Upon My Lips! 

There is nothing more exciting than the perfect kiss. Amazingly enough I feel that every woman knows without a doubt, when the man in her life has given her the perfect kiss. It is surprisingly incredible what a kiss can do to the human body, as well as the emotional senses. I adore the fact that the perfect kiss has the power to melt you, like the sun melts the snow. The warm sensation that goes up and down your spine, making your toes curl and your head tingle with sheer delight is mind-bogglingly, and all this generated by a mere touch of the lips.

But understand not every kiss is euphoric. Sadly enough, it is a very true statement that the kiss can make or break a relationship. This intimate act has to be natural, and has to be stimulated and surrounded by chemistry. If there is no chemistry, then there is no going forward. The hormone of love oxytocin that is released in the brain is paramount to the development of the relationship.

The first signal that the kiss is successful would be a signal to the brain, saying that we have made contact, bonding in other words. If contact has not been made, then the other signs would be that of warning – “Houston we have a Problem.”

The first kiss doesn’t necessarily have to be wet and wild, even though passion is good, but it can be tender and gentle. A nice meet and greet type of “Hello.” Some people don’t understand that certain body language must be displayed and that it precedes the kiss, the perfect kiss is never intrusive and is always invited.

The body language is going to tell you and give you the tale tells sign if the person has a warm amorous desire to take an intimate step in this kiss. If you don’t pay attention to the signals you may find yourself in essence with a kiss that has no returned response. It’s like kissing your pillow.

It is imperative to not get too overly excited with the first kiss, unless your partner has given you the green light to do so, otherwise why drench your partner in a bath, with a wet and wild French kiss, when really all they wanted was to merely say hello? Of course after this act, there is no way to back track your steps and start all over again when you came at them like a breaching wall at Hoover Dam.

Some people feel that it’s important to communicate their character in the kiss. They want to show that they are strong and powerful and know how to strut their stuff, and feel that the kiss has to show that. Well before you try this deep throat technique, and leave your partner feeling like there mouth was a cement grinder and they are dying to come up for air, ease your way around before you hit them full throttle as if there is no tomorrow.

The most delightful of all is when that special someone has the power to leave their memorable signature upon your lips. It’s a well crafted design that leaves you mesmerized. Oh Yes, as Cher song goes, “It’s in his kiss!” It’s the unforgettable touch that when you close your eyes, you are still swept away by this breathtaking kiss that seems to leave you spell-bound and speechless. To me this is the ultimate kiss that causes you to be down right dizzy and is wonderfully delicious.

Author- Candace Chambers-Belida Copyright © 2011



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