The Bella Petite Hour with Nia Peeples on “Individuality”

The “Bella Petite Hour” (with host Ann Lauren) and petite celebrity Nia Peeples will be focused on the importance of “individuality.”  Every month we will have a lifestyle show with Nia to talk about the “Elements of Life.”  Nia will teach you how to live a life of perfection!

Nia has been in the entertainment business for thirty years!  She recently launched the “Elements of Life” lifestyle website and seminars for women. Nia is our lead writer and expert of Bella Petite’s lifestyle section.  She is providing weekly features on her personal experiences, as well as  sharing her lifestyle insights, while teaching women how to live a life of perfection!

Currently, Nia operates and headlines her own seminar series, “Elements of Life,” a program meant to teach women how to live a life of full perfection.  She tells me that after twenty-five years striving for “perfect,” she’s figured out what it really means and is eager to spread this message to women around the world.   Nia has been involved in many charities throughout her career and is dedicated to being a positive influence and inspirational motivator.

“When one Woman for whateve reason has the opportunity to live an extraordinary life, SHE has no right to keep it to HERself.”

Quote: Jacques Cousteau

The Bella Petite Hour

Playing now! Nia Peeples on the Bella Petite Hour. Discussion on “Individuality, Health and Fitness” part of the “Elements of Life” series.  This week we will talk about the importance of individuality, authenticity and being true to yourself.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them here and we will address them during the show.

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