The Bella Petite Hour LifeStyle Show: “Amazing Women” Host Nia Peeples

This week we had two very powerful and knowledgeable women on the Belle Petite Hour. First it was Erica Zodtner from FirmLa who shared with us the wonderful anti aging techniques she offers at her Beverly Hills office. Everything you need for the skin. You can go in, get your face firmed, sun spots removed, and your collagen replenished in a matter of minutes.

Then there was my good friend Utta the Bodysculpture. One of the most amazing women I’ve ever known. She joyfully works a 14-hour day heartily massaging every inch of your body till all the bad energy, exhaustion, and cellulite melt away.  Did you get that? 14 hours a day. And she has a waiting list as long as my arm, women from miles around, celebs and non just waiting their turn to de-cellulite and re-energize and align their bodies. Both these gals spend their entire day helping women get themselves together, keep themselves together, look better, feel better, regain balance and beauty because somehow we’ve managed to get off kilter.

Know what that tells me? Being a woman can be taxing, exhausting, demanding. And as I’ve said many times, “ getting it together is not the same as keeping it together.” It takes courage to be a woman! Courage, courage courage.

Women have so much on their plates. We are professionals, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, lovers, cooks, chauffeurs, nurses. And yet somehow we manage not only to keep it together, but grow it, make it better, get a little stronger. Just the other day I went to an Afro jazz class at the gym. It’s a full on non stop dance class lead by a twenty something year old African American name Corey. Women ages 20-60 of all shapes and sizes, all levels of expertise are in this class getting in shape, staying in shape but more than that, they’re learning, discovering, rediscovering.

What struck me most about this class was the level of commitment and courage it must have taken for most of them to even show up, to stand in that class next to an ex ballerina, or a retired Vegas showgirl and stumble their way through. And I see them in there every week kicking not quite as high, spinning left when everyone else is spinning right, stopping for an extra breath of air. But you know what? They’re sweating just like I am. They’re pushing themselves to their limit just like I am. They’re stretching those muscles, oiling up the coordination mechanism, detoxing their bodies and getting stronger, just like I am. And every week they return, they return a little more coordinated, a little stronger, more flexible, more confident, just like I do. It takes courage to be a woman all right. But women are amazing. We don’t face our fears with anger or power or blind fury. We face it with grace and understanding. Because we know instinctively that Courage is not the absence of fear but the judgment that something else is more important…. Ambrose Redmoon

And in those times we forget, all we have to do is look around and see all the other amazing women who remembered that day.

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