The Bella Petite Hour “Business of Entertainment”

On the Bella Petite Hour with (Host Ann Lauren) there will be two fascinating and knowledgeable guests joining us to discuss the business of entertainment.

You will find out about what it takes to be a glamour model, what the requirements are to be a glamour model, and how it’s definitely a lifestyle choice to appear in Playboy magazine and other similar publications.

We will also be joined by an entertainment expert to talk about the importance of knowing your craft and the reason every actor in show business needs an acting coach.

Jim Russo Entrepreneur

Our first guest is executive and entrepreneur Jim Russo.  Russo has an MBA inComputer Science from NYU, and he’s been in business for twenty years working with Fortune 500 companies in mergers and acquisitions.  During his tenure in the technology sector he positioned several companies for public offerings.

Currently, Russo’s latest project is a comic book and soon to be released movie The HardBallers.

In addition to being a maverick in the board room, Russo has transitioned into glamour photography.  Russo’s work has appeared in Playboy Magazine, Teeze and FHM, and you can see some examples at Giacomo Photography.

Lynette McNeill Entertainment Expert

Our second guest is “LA’s hottest acting coach” Lynette McNeill.  She has been in the entertainment industry for thirty years.  McNeill is joining Bella Petite’s expert staff as our resident entertainment expert! Lynette will be a contributing writer and a host on the Bella Petite Hour, and will share her expertise about how to be great at your craft and what it takes to be successful in Hollywood.  Lynette McNeill’s complete story is here on BellaPetite.

The Bella Petite Hour

Now playing is “The Business of Entertainment” on the Bella Petite Hour. You’ll find out what it takes to be a glamour model and how to be a successful actor in the business of entertainment.  If you want to the best at your career, do the research, obtain the education, and know how your choices will impact your life!


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13 thoughts on “The Bella Petite Hour “Business of Entertainment””

  1. I thought the show was very interesting and informative, pretty cool how it can be listened to whenever you want just by click…..I was VERY impressed by the information on glamour modeling and what that can do, positive or negative for your career. I dont have Playboy burning up my phone line, but I did see a bit of a different perspective after listening to Mr. Russo. Interesting show and advice from the pros. Thanx so much!

  2. I listen to all of the Bella petite hours and this was ONE of the best shows you've done Ann! Bravo! You have become so helpful by having the experts and pros giving us straight talk on being a model or actress. Keep it up!

  3. Really enjoyed this one! Jim Russo answered so many about nude and porn modeling. Now I have an accurate perspective. The acting segment with Lynette was so good I want to attend her workshops for sure!

  4. In such a short time you've come so far Ann! You make us petite gals proud! I want to do everything I can to make bellapetite become the number one fashion magazine! You are right this is for real women wanting to feel confident and happy with themselves and the oldstyle mags like Cosmo, Vogue just don't do that!

  5. Boy did Jim Russo and you open my eyes. I don't think I would want to be exposed to porn now! It follows you forever and you won't get other legit work you can be proud of!

  6. Cheers to you Ann! Great show totally on top of it! All women need to listen to this one to know what and how to be the best! I am now a bellepatite member forever…xoxo

  7. Really good stuff here. I liked the show very much and I want to be an actress and model some day. This really helped me know what to do. thanks, ann

  8. Didn't know about how you are required to do those things for playboy. Good info and helpful to make the right choices for me.

  9. That Lynette is the best. I went to her website and it's so impressive. Woow it really makes sense why the stars we watch the most are so professional. I really need to go to Lynettes workshops to be good I get it now!

  10. This a great website and I love your articles! I am a member and looking forward to the magazine! We petite women rule now!

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