The Art of Rejection: A Petite Model Prospective [petite model][petite fashion]

Bella Petite Chicago Regional Director and newly Contributing Writer Jennifer Bollinger.

As a petite model working in the business of modeling and entertainment, I know the word “rejection” far to well. When I was first starting out the “door slamming in the face” was a bit of a sting.  Takes a strong back bone and a lot of perseverance to survive this industry, but I would brush myself off and get back in the game. Why?

Simple, I believe in myself.  Have I had days of doubt, sure, but underneath it all, I believe I should be here and pursuing an industry that I love.  I have put my soul into being an artist, since I was a child.  Not for the fame, or the money, but because it is my passion.  As I have grown on this path, I learned to take all those so-called “rejections” and work them to my advantage.

Something of value even if it was small was sure to come out of every experience of dismissal.  I learned to focus on the lessons and improve myself each time.  Rejection then has become my friend.  Although I would say, I feel that I am accepted far more than rejected.  When it does happen, I greet it with, “what are you here to teach me?”

Rejection can also be seen as the universe’s benevolent way of redirecting our lives for our highest purpose.  As if the universe has a friendly way of saying, “sorry that situation is not your calling, so I must shut this door in order for you to go down a different path.”

Life is all perception, once we learn to “see” we can find the grace, the lessons and the blessings in each situation of rebuff.  As humans we want so much to be accepted, so the moment of repudiation leaves us feeling less than the light that we truly are.

The secret to dealing with “rejection” is to delve deep inside and hold on to your dreams the beauty of our essence. Than we can see that there is really no such thing as being refused, it is the act of being redirected to serve our truest purpose.   I wouldn’t label that as rejection.  I would call that an act of grace.  See rejection as an art, and work it to your advantage, then it will become a game you are bound to win.  Written by: Jennifer Bollinger


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8 thoughts on “The Art of Rejection: A Petite Model Prospective [petite model][petite fashion]”

  1. This a great article. I love the fact that it focuses on rejection, something that we’ve all faced. The spin comes when you focus on how you view those rejections/life changing circumstances. You have to believe that everything happens for a reason and will direct you to your true purpose…that takes time and growth.

  2. You have placed a wonderful value on the significance of rejection and it’s value to our life. Thank you for this thoughtful article. Completely authentic!

  3. I never took well to rejection and this have given me a different outlook…wow! Love your great inspirational sense!

  4. In pursuit of any passion, Jennifer, it is a numbers game. The more doors on which you knock, the more (eventually) will open. Having had a career largely in sales, I completely understand repeated rejection. However, your take on the empowerment of rejection is perhaps the most productive response that I have heard. I know I have heard it before but was never able to embrace the concept. It is a seldom practiced secret that you have now exposed and blown off the lid!

    Life, by it’s very nature, is a series of lessons. If we learn them as we go along we may become wise. If we don’t, taking everything personally, such is the mentality “the world is out to get me”, we remain self-centered adolescents–even into old age. Hopefully those who find encouragement from your message today will be reminded of this regularly–frequently, I need a reminder too.

    Enjoyed reading this! Keep up the good work!

  5. Very well written,. Why should we feel that we must take rejection to heart, when it is in fact very benevolent like you said. what I mean is, there are so many subtle nuances that make up every moment of every day. So much seems mundane, but if you take a step back and see the big picture, then you know that doors open and shut for reasons we can only see from a higher perspective. This is living in the higher consciousness. our higher selves. our real selves after we lay the ego aside.

  6. Yeah I am used to rejection every I took opportunities. However, it makes me stronger and continue to find new hopes! No matter what happens because there is always another door opens for us all!

  7. Superdooper words and advice Jennifer. Everyone faces rejection in some way or form. As, the great Blue eyes said “That’s life!” It will be what you make it….thanks for being an inspiration through Bella Petite, you gorgeous Lady you.

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