Tell Tale Signs It’s Time to Take a Break From Dating

Bella Petite Model Vanessa Palomino on Dating

We’ve all been there, that moment your next first date isn’t making you feel butterflies or jitters anymore, you almost feel numb and wonder what’s going on… perhaps you may need a break. Dates are to bring us excitement and joy not boredom or indifference. If you can’t even get excited about the outfit you are choosing for the night, or exploring this new personality that has made an entry in your life, then there’s something off.

How long has it been since you’ve been on a date and what was that experience like? What about the one before that? If you are answering this while rolling your eyes from the disappointment you’ve experienced repeatedly, then this may answer our question as to why you are not excited for this new date.

How many disappointments have you had in the course of a year? Most of us have been in a place where it is starting to feel like an interviewing process where no one is meeting our qualifications. The saddest part is that at this point you’ve lowered your standards so much that it almost feels like there are no qualifications anymore!


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