Techniques for Petite Women to Sculpt a Fit Physique Part I [petite fitness wear]

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Techniques for Petite Women to Sculpt a Fit Physique (part one of two part series)

Most petite women are challenged to maintain a fit figure, as we tend to be either too thin or pack on extra weight very easily. This is the challenge of having a tiny body to work with and requires specific information and techniques to sculpt the figure you desire.  There are a few important things to take note, to get the optimal results from this information I’m describing below. In order to achieve results it starts with a healthy diet Save 25% at eDiets!


First of all, you MUST be eating properly and maintaining a regular exercise schedule, to achieve the desired results you seek. One important point to remember here: petite frames need less calories to maintain. It is crucial to eat to live and not live to eat, if you wish to create the body temple you desire.

This means a whole new approach to eating perhaps and a true in depth exploration into emotional eating that you may have to embark upon. In my yoga teacher trainings and retreats, we explore this in depth and get to the root of these patterns to help you release them for good.

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Secondly, keep in mind, we are all born unique. Depending upon your genetics, you may have a tendency toward carrying your ‘curves’ in various places. It is key that you first understand your body, so you can celebrate your assets and work on toning up the excess.

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Lastly, the beauty of life is that we can recreate ourselves any time we put our minds to it. This means, regardless of your past, where you are now and what you have previously believed is possible for your body and life – everything is up for negotiation in the realm of creating a fit physique. There are some specific formulas that work for just about everyone, as long as you follow them. I have followed these for most of my life and gotten amazing results.

I have been teaching these techniques for almost a decade and seen people transform right in front of my eyes. All it takes is the proper mindset, the desire to change and discipline to stick to your new lifestyle. Diets fail, fad workout programs won’t have lasting results – you must adopt a new lifestyle to maintain the healthy, fit physique you desire.

Namaste!  Written by: Dashama the author of Journey to Joyful and creator of Pranashama Yoga Institute, Yoga Teacher certification program & Retreats in exotic locations world wide. Her Globally renowned 30 Day Yoga Challenge has been transforming people’s lives for the past 3 years. She has been featured with luminaries such as Dr Wayne Dyer and Byron Katie. A regular philanthropist, she created Yoga For Foster Children to support orphans and children in need.

Please leave your questions and comments for Dashama here on Bella Petite.  She will be happy to answer you!  Check in next week for part two of this series “Techniques for Petite Women to Sculpt a Fit Physique.”



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