Style Questions & Answers For Everyday Petite Women

Style Questions & Answers For Everyday Petite Women

Recently two of the most favorite petite women and colleagues I know dared to ask me questions on styling, which I found to be great questions as they are dilemmas that Read more

FALL PETITE FASHION STYLE! [petite women] [petite clothing]


Although it’s still warm in some parts of the country I am considering the parts that are starting to see the fall of the leaves as the weather slowly lowers itself into a comfortable state not Read more

Shoes To Wear From Work To Play For Petite Women

Bella Petite Personal Wardrobe Stylist Tamy LugoGoing to the office for any type of job, day in and day out can become monotonous. With 40 something work weeks in a year’s time; How can you maintain Read more

Petite Women Can Pull It Off [petite fashion] [petite clothing]

Bella Petite proudly presents our latest contributing writer on fashion Tamy Lugo a personal wardrobe consultant and fashion stylist!


Some of the latest Spring and Summer trends could seem un-doable for a petite Read more

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