Victoria’s Secret Height Discrimination and Body Stereotypes Live On, Not!

Tall, tall and more tall! In a never-ending sea of long-legged glamazon women, Victoria's Secret fashion shows and catalogs (VSC) would have us believe in their fairy tale that all women are tall and super thin as we noted several years ago. Read more

Daily Style: [Petite Celebrity] Kim Kardashian [petite model] [petite fashion]


This week petite celebrity 5’2″ Kim Kardashian was seen on the Pink Carpet at Club L in Los Angeles.  She was attending the Victoria’s Secret launch of their new 2011 swimsuit Read more

Who’s the REAL forgotten Woman? “Petite”

There has been a been an outcry in the press recently over the Lane Bryant advertisements, but the real forgotten woman is the petite woman!  The actual discrimination happening in the fashion industry is only against using petite Read more